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why do we restrict access to certain jobs

Why Do We Restrict Access To Certain Jobs?

We really enjoy interacting online with our ‘followers’ via our various social media channels.

Recently, one of our followers asked the question: “Why do you charge a fee for people to apply for jobs rather than just including the email address on the job advert?”

It’s a fair point, and given it’s not the first time we have been asked this question, we thought we’d create a new post here that better explains why we sometimes limit access to job application links to paying members of our website only.

This way, if someone asks this question in the future, we can refer people to this article on our website. We can also continue to update this article if any follow-up questions or themes need to be addressed.

How Jobs End Up On 482jobs

So let us start with the jobs you will find here on In general terms, the jobs you will find on our website appear here through two routes:

  1. An Employer chooses to advertise a job on
  2. The 482jobs team has identified a job as offering sponsorship to overseas candidates.

An Employer chooses to advertise a job on

If an employer wishes to advertise on, they can do so by paying us a small fee. Once this fee is paid, and the job is reviewed, the job is then posted on our website. All paid jobs are shared without any restrictions to our website visitors. Everybody visiting our website can access the applications links without any limits and apply for these jobs directly.

Jobs our team have identified as offering sponsorship

The other jobs you will find here on are jobs our team has identified as providing sponsorship visas to overseas candidates!

Collectively, the 482 jobs team spends hundreds of hours trawling the internet each month looking for jobs where the employer is willing to offer sponsorship to overseas candidates.

To identify these jobs, our teams visit many Australian websites, including Australian job boards, Australian recruitment company websites, Australian Government websites, and the career sections of over 30 large Australian companies that frequently sponsor overseas candidates.

Once we have identified a job vancy is offering sponsorship, we then manually add the job to our database so that our visitors can find both the jobs added by advertisers and the jobs we identify, all in one place.

From the employers perspective, we post these jobs for free on our website. The employer does not pay 482jobs for these job advertisements and we do not receive a referal or agency fee for any candidates placed via these job adverts.

All jobs posted by the 482jobs team at no charge to the recruiters require a paid membership before you can unlock the application links associated with these positions.

So why would companies pay?

So why would companies pay to advertise sponsored jobs when you will share their job advert for free?

Well, that’s a very fair question, but the reality is that without paying a fee to advertise directly, the advertiser will have their application link hidden behind our paywall.

Many thousands of people visit 482jobs daily, but only a small percentage (our paying members) have unrestricted access to all of the jobs we post!

This is beneficial for our members as it limits competition for jobs, but It is not so great if you are an employer looking to maximize the number of job applications!

Ultimately, by choosing to advertise directly with 482jobs, employers can guarantee that anyone interested in applying for their job can do so without any restrictions. This, in turn, will maximize the number of potential candidates applying for each job vacancy.

Eventually, we hope that as more and more employers advertise directly with, most of the job posts you’ll find on our website will allow you to apply without any restrictions. The reality however, at least in the short term, is that attracting hundreds of Australian advertisers each month will take some time.


So to summarise, we cover our costs to offer our service in two ways.

  1. When a company pays to advertise a job, in which case the jobs are unlocked, and anyone can apply for free.
  2. By charging a low-cost membership to unlock the jobs, our team has identified and shared.

We hope this helps clarify the reason behind our approach – if you have any further clarification questions, please feel free to ask them using our comment form below.

Ready to save hours of searching for sponsored jobs each day?

Our team has already done the hard work for you! For the price of a cup of coffee each week consider one of our low cost subscriptions by clicking here to view our current subscription options.

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  • Saya mencari pekerjaan bongkar muat ikan atau lainya karna saya berpengalaman dari tahun 2008 sampai 2018 di korea ,rusia ,uruguay

  • I am seeking a visa sponsership for truck driver..i have good experince in frieght and fuel oil tanker in new zealand roads..

    • Hello and thank you for taking the time to comment

      For driver jobs, especially, it’s important to note that your experience aligns well with the opportunities available in Australia. You’ll need to find an employer willing to sponsor you for this visa. I recommend visiting our guide titled “Truck Driver Jobs in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Living and Working Down Under”. This guide is specifically designed for individuals like you and will provide detailed information on how to find sponsored driver positions, understand Australian driving regulations, and what steps to take next. You can access the guide at

      Additionally, for a broader search, our homepage at allows you to search for 482 Visa-related job listings and set up job alerts for relevant positions. Remember, securing a job with an employer willing to sponsor your visa is a crucial step in the application process for the 482 Visa.

      Best of luck with your job search, and I hope you find the perfect driving position in Australia!

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