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Australia Sponsorship Job Offer WhatsApp scam

WhatsApp Australia Sponsorship Visa Offer – Real or Scam?


We have had it brought to our attention that a viral message on WhatsApp is urging people to apply for Australian Visa Sponsorship and Jobs as part of the 2022 – 2023 migration round. The WhatsApp message includes a link to a website through which applicants can apply. However, this message is a scam, and the website is fraudulent.

Details of the WhatsApp Australia Visa Website Scam

In this article, we have included screenshots of the WhatsApp message offering An Australian Visa and referring to a (non-existent) Australia Visa lottery.

The message claims that Australia is experiencing a labour shortage and is looking for national and international applicants to fill the gap. Although this is an accurate statement, the website goes on to make promises of a success rate of 99.9% and claims that companies and employers in Australia will provide visa sponsorships to international applicants providing their details. This is false.

Upon clicking the link in the WhatsApp message offering Australia Sponsorship, users are directed to a fraudulent website designed solely to harvest their data.

WhatsApp Australia Visa message

The text of the WhatsApp Message states:

The Australian government is looking for National and International applicants who can fill the shortage of jobs in Australia. The Australian Government announced a 400% number of immigrants. This is an opportunity to work legally in Australia.

To make it more appealing, the message concludes.

Australia has already increased the number of immigrants from 35 thousand to 195 thousand in the current year.

Again, these are factual statements, but they serve no purpose other than to make the message look more legitimate and encourage the people who received the WhatsApp message to click on the link so they can ‘Apply’ for an Australia Visa.

Verification of the WhatsApp Australia sponsorship visa Scam

Upon visiting the website, users are asked to fill in their personal information, such as their first and last name, phone number, email address, and country. You can add any text in this section that suggests the form is looking to collect data without any real need for authentication.

Users are prompted to apply for the “ongoing Australia Sponsorship Visa and Jobs Program,” with a message claiming that “The Number Of Applicants is limited” again, we assume this wording has been included to suggest a degree of urgency and to get people to complete the process quickly and share the message with their WhatsApp contacts before time runs out.

Clicking on the “Continue” button prompts users to fill in their full name and current level of education, after which they receive a congratulatory message indicating that they are qualified for a job and study in Australia. This is interesting news, especially given the website doesn’t ask for the course the applicant intends to study or the sector they would like to work in.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Scam Alert: Viral Message on WhatsApp Promoting False Australian Visa Sponsorship and Jobs

One of the key indicators that the website offering Australian Visa Sponsorship and Jobs is a phishing platform is the lack of transparency and details on the application process.

The website claims that it can provide Australian visa sponsorship and jobs to international applicants with a 99.9% success rate, which is unrealistic and should immediately raise red flags. Also, the website URL is not an official Australian government URL, which ends

Australia Sponsorship Job Offer WhatsApp
The Scam website even used material stolen from our website.

The image on the website also looks familiar. Why? Well, because our team here at designed it! The image they have included on their scam website is the same image we used it to promote the jobs, we share on our social media platforms, such as our LinkedIn company page and Facebook Pages.

Unlike the official version of the image, the scammers have removed the reference, which, on our version of the image, is included below the “Sponsored Jobs In Australia” text; perhaps we should be flattered that the scammers chose to steel our image to use on their website. But we are not!

Another tell-tale sign of a scam website is the absence of specific job or education requirements on their form. The website does not ask for any qualifications or experience or specify any job openings it is filling, which should also be a red flag.

In addition, the website attempts to use social proof to lure people into thinking it is a legitimate platform. Social proof is often achieved by including a few Facebook comments from people who have used the platform successfully (in this case, sharing their details to secure an Australia visa).

However, upon closer inspection, these comments are fake and are nothing but tiny images contained on the webpage. They are not actual Facebook comments (that would link back to the profiles of the candidates if they were clicked), and any attempt to add additional comments in the comment box at the end is fruitless.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the website contains an iFrame that enables it to play host to any of the (253 and counting) low-ranking domains also connected to its server. This increases the risk of users being exposed to data harvesting and phishing from these other websites.

Please always be careful of any websites or messages promising guaranteed results without specific requirements or details.

Screenshots of the WhatsApp Australia Visa Scam

We’ve included a few screenshots to show how the scam works. For those who have received a message on WhatsApp promising job offers and visa sponsorship for Australia, it is essential to be careful and verify the authenticity of such claims before providing any personal information.

By being informed and vigilant, we can protect ourselves and our personal data from malicious internet attacks. To illustrate the potential risks, we have included screenshots so you can recognise the WhatsApp message and landing page in question.  These screenshots serve as a visual reference for users to help them identify the warning signs of a phishing scam and avoid becoming victims of online fraud.

Australia Sponsorship WhatsApp Message
The first screenshot shows the WhatsApp message promoting the fake Australia Visa Sponsorship and Jobs offer. It includes false claims of 99.9% success rates and an opportunity to work legally in Australia.

WhatsApp Australia Visa opportunity

The second screenshot is of the landing page for the scam website. It asks for personal details such as first name, last name, email address, and phone number. This indicates that the website is a phishing platform aimed at compromising the victims’ data.Australia Sponsorship Job Offer WhatsApp

The final screenshot shows the success pages, claiming that you have qualified for a job and study in Australia. These pages encourage users to share the offer with their friends and family on WhatsApp, further spreading the scam. The Scam website even used material stolen from our website.

Australia WhatsApp Lottery Update

16th February 2023 Update: 

So digging Around the webpage a little more this morning, we noticed a hidden StatCounter button. The text of the counter was changed to the same colour as the webpage (white), so it is invisible to users viewing the website.

Statcounter offers a free service to website owners, which sees the owner of the webpage inserting a small piece of JavaScript code on their webpage. This code then helps track visitors which helps the website page owner identify the number of visitors to their webpage, including keywords, referrers and other interesting information.

Reviewing the stats is pretty shocking as it indicates how many people are actually falling victim to this WhatsApp Australia Visa scam.

I have included a screenshot of one of Statcounter visitor summaries below as it shows us that this dodgy web page has received as many as 366,000 visitors in one day and over 5.7 Million people since the counter started in September 2022!!

The report also shows us that users from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana, India and South Africa are the primary victims.

whatsapp australia lottery


In conclusion, while there is a high demand for workers in Australia, it is essential to beware of scams such as the WhatsApp Australia Visa Sponsorship offer. The website linked to the message is fraudulent and can result in data harvesting and phishing.

It is always best to use reputable, official channels such as the Australian government website to apply for an Australian visa. These websites will always end with the domain name. If you’re interested in job opportunities in Australia with sponsorship, check out reputable website sthat have been around for years, like ours. Don’t fall for fake offers and put your personal information at risk.

Don’t be sucked in and forward the message.  If you really qualified for an Australian Visa, why would you have to forward the WhatsApp Message to groups or contacts to qualify?

Have you been impacted – Did you receive the Australia Visa WhatsApp message?

As many people are falling for the Australia Visa WhatsApp scam, we’d like to hear from our readers and gather more information to help others stay safe online. Could you let me know if you got the Australia Visa WhatsApp message? Could you let us know if you clicked on the link or provide any personal information?

Please share your experience in the comments and help us spread the word about this scam.

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  • I m driver in Rwanda so my career job is choffeur so supply for them how can get processing job over there so please help me found job

  • I m driver in Rwanda so my career job is driver supply for them how can get processing job over there so please help me found job

    • Hello and thank you for taking the time to comment

      For driver jobs, especially, it’s important to note that your experience aligns well with the opportunities available in Australia. You’ll need to find an employer willing to sponsor you for this visa. I recommend visiting our guide titled “Truck Driver Jobs in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Living and Working Down Under”. This guide is specifically designed for individuals like you and will provide detailed information on how to find sponsored driver positions, understand Australian driving regulations, and what steps to take next. You can access the guide at

      Additionally, for a broader search, our homepage at allows you to search for 482 Visa-related job listings and set up job alerts for relevant positions. Remember, securing a job with an employer willing to sponsor your visa is a crucial step in the application process for the 482 Visa.

      Best of luck with your job search, and I hope you find the perfect driving position in Australia!

  • Hello am Alex, am an agriculturist with a diploma and bachelor. I have experience in plantation agriculture in a coffee company. Am looking for a Visa sponsorship job in Australia.
    Kindly help
    That’s my email

  • i am a Driver and Construction Painter a Zimbabwean International looking for Visor Sponsorship to work in Australia

  • I am a former Sr. Site Superintendent previously working in Oil and Gas Pipelines in Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia looking for any available open position in Australia that fits my resume.

  • Dear Hiring Manager,
    I am writing to express my interest in the sales and service role within your organization. As a seasoned business development professional with over 14 years of experience, I am confident in my ability to make a valuable contribution to your team.
    Throughout my career, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the sales and service of heavy earth moving machinery. I have a proven track record of success in driving revenue growth, expanding market share, and delivering exceptional customer service.
    As an MBA graduate, I have honed my analytical and strategic thinking skills, which have helped me to develop effective sales strategies and to make data-driven decisions. I am also skilled in relationship management, with experience building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, identifying new business opportunities, and negotiating favourable terms and contracts.
    I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to your organization and to help drive growth and success within the heavy earth moving machinery industry. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further.
    Very much Sincerely,
    Sanjeev Kumar

  • My name is Md Ismail and I am from India. I found the job information from your website. I am interested in applying for the position of Administrative/ MIS Executive/ Data Analyst at Your Organization.
    As I am an Experience Administrative Executive, MIS Executive and Data Analysts. I have good practical knowledge and communication skills. If you hire me, I can showcase my skills towards your company and I am very honest towards my work. I think it is an excellent platform to start my career in your company.
    I have previous experience working as an MIS Executive at Idealeyes Plasco Private Limited and Currently working as a Data Analyst at Ms. Metal & Chemical Supplier. I have also worked in Data Analysis, reporting and Data Visualization roles. I am confident that I can handle the responsibilities of this role, and I am excited to have the opportunity to work at your organization.
    • Knowledge of office management systems and procedures.
    • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.
    • Strategic planning and scheduling skills.
    • Administration Time management problems solve skills.
    • Excel / Google Sheet / Formulas.
    • Microsoft 365 windows (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Etc.)
    • ERP Software.
    • Graphic Designer (Canva and Photoshop).
    • Computer Operator Hardware.
    • Audio and Video System Control.
    • Accounting Skills (Account Payable and Receivable).
    • Data Analyst (Aug 2023 to Till Now).
    • MIS Executive (March 2022 to Aug 2023).
    • Administrative Executive (July 2018 to March 2022).
    • Own Tutor (Teaching Professional Math’s Specialist up to Class VIII)
    I have completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Account and Finance) and certificate program Diploma in Data Science. I have attached my resume for your convenience.
    I hope you will contact me soon arrange an interview and to discuss my qualifications in person. I look forward to meeting with you and appreciate any consideration you may give me.

    Yours sincerely
    Md Ismail
    +91 8820867575

  • Hi sir i am fome sri lanka my age is 24 australis is on of my fevorite countries i am very interested to work in that country it is very desirable to work in that country on work visa i can do agricultural work ani can do food packig woke ok thank you sir my whats app no +94 0752300368

  • Thank you for the article.I came across this scam when a friend forwarded it to me on WhatsApp.I decided to check on how genuine it is that when I came across your article.Many people are falling prey to this.They should be a better way to spread the word against these scammers

  • I am Alamgir from Bangladesh. sir can you give me work for me. I want to go Australia Sydney for work how. agriculture and building construction my WhatsApp number 01814 734210 please call me

  • Hi I really needed someone to sponser my studies as my parents are not supporting me with my future education.

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