Set An Australian Sponsored Job E-Mail Alert

We have been publishing Australian Sponsored Jobs for some time, however, historically our visitors have only been able to see if there are any matching jobs by physically visiting our website or signing up for our Job seeker Pro Subscription Service which came with our premium Job Alert service.

Effective today, we are making the Job Alert service free to all of our registered members.

Navigating To Your Job Alerts

When logged into your 482Jobs account, you will notice a Set Job Alerts option available from our main menu. You’ll also be presented with an ‘add alert’ option when searching the jobs on our website.

Set An Australian Sponsored Job E-Mail Alert - 482 Jobs Australia - February 2023

Selecting this option will take you to the alerts page where you will be presented with the option to view and edit your current alerts or add a new alert.

Creating Your First Job Alert

Selecting the Job Alerts Option from the main menu will take you to the form below.

Set An Australian Sponsored Job E-Mail Alert - 482 Jobs Australia - February 2023

Click the Add Alert button highlighted in the image above to open your alert form.

Here you can give a name to your Job Alert, add your search criteria (job title, or location), and the frequency with which you would like to be notified of any new jobs matching your criteria (daily, weekly or fortnightly).

Important – Please ensure you include a keyword in the keyword field. The Keyword Field is what we use to identify suitable jobs for you so please choose appropriate keywords (eg. Hairdresser, Mechanic, Nurse) when setting up your sponsored job alert.

Failure to do so will result in you receiving a large list of random jobs. The Alert name field is for your reference only and a keyword is required to narrow down your selection

Example Job Alert

In the example below, we want to receive a Daily Notification of jobs containing the term “Mechanic” located in Perth on a daily basis.

Set An Australian Sponsored Job E-Mail Alert - 482 Jobs Australia - February 2023

Your Job Alert Listings

Saving the Alert will result in the below page which will list all the job alerts current registered against your account and the frequency with which they will be issued. You can register a number of job alerts using multiple criteria.

Set An Australian Sponsored Job E-Mail Alert - 482 Jobs Australia - February 2023

Once you have saved the alert, you can leave the rest to us. When we find a job opportunity matching your selection criteria, we’ll send you an email with a link to the jobs in question.

Tips When Setting Your Job Alert

Remember that Jobs offering Australian Sponsorship are not as common as those jobs you would find on traditional job boards, therefore we recommend keeping your criteria quite broad. In the example above, even though you may be a heavy diesel mechanic, we’ve opted to use the term Mechanic so we are made aware of all mechanic roles. Recruiters use different terms so it’s best to keep your criteria quite broad.

Please note that our 482 Sponsored Job Alerts are available to 482Jobs members only. Membership is completely free of charge and gives you access to our community forums, and other cool features.

If you have yet to join our community, you can register your free account by selecting the register option at the top of this webpage.

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