Pastry Cook Job In Australia – can sponsor under either TSS and 494 Visa for skilled applicants

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Rayson Management Pty Ltd trading as Skeetas restaurant and Cafe can sponsor under either TSS and 494 Visa for skilled applicants.

Position Description

Pastry Cook

Position Description: Pastry Cook

Position Pastry Cook Classification

Reports to: Head Chef

Primary Role: Specialize in baking pastries, desserts, cakes, cookies, sweets, pies, creating confectionery and other pastry- based items for a a-la-carte dining restaurant and catering establishment and ensure all duties are completed as per listed below in everyday responsibilities

Kitchen Systems Assist Chef de parties by maintaining the Food safety logs. Responsibilities:

To: Everyday Responsibilities: Arrive 5 minutes early to your shift, with a clean uniform according to the uniform standards in your employment contract, clock in and save your clock in docket for future reference.

Consult with the Head chef and other chef de parties to plan menus. Execute pastry orders for the ala carte menu, catered events by accommodating special requests. Demonstrate skills in baking pastries, desserts, cakes, cookies, sweets, and pies. Create enticing confectionery decorations and delicious pastry fillings, as well as keeping abreast of new pastry baking techniques. Apply classic pastry baking techniques when preparing traditional pastries. Add novel, creative, and delicious pastry items to the existing selection. Monitor equipment and ensure all specialized pastry baking tools are in working order. Maintain the good running order of specialized pastry baking equipment. Prepare prep list and keeping pastry section records. Ensure food preparation and serving areas are safe and sanitary. weigh, measure, mix and bake with ingredients according to recipes, and Chef’s instructions Assist other Chef de parties during emergencies or rush periods Assist with the day-to-day operations and running Position Description

Pastry Cook of the kitchen

Ensure you clock in and out correctly during your shift. Ensure that high standards of food and customer service are always provided. Demonstrate respect for all colleagues. Manage quality control, hygiene, and health and safety. Ensure the requirements of the Employee Manual are adhered to and upheld. Check and sign invoices and quality of goods as required Assist and follow Chef-de-parties’ directions for cleaning and minor maintenance of kitchen equipment. In case you forget to clock in or clock back in after the break please write the timings down on the attendance register next to the roster, continual failure may result in a delay to your pay Your finish time on your roaster is to be as a guide if required to extend your shift the period will not exceed one hour unless mutually agreed. Mandatory Skills or qualifications: Developing professional workplace communications.

Demonstrate timely, clear, and respectful communications. Can record basic notes, update logs with accuracy and legibility. Can operate computers and utilise basic features of word processing programs. Mandatory Attributes: Able to work effectively in a team.

Able to lead by example and resolve minor workplace frictions without support. Ability to work unsupervised with the basic tasks once the task been demonstrated and trained. Motivated self-starter Punctual & reliable Desirable Skills or Driver’s licence licences:

Core Competencies: Values – actively support the values of the business by maintaining a positive image, acting ethically and

Position Description

Pastry Cook honestly, and promoting relationships in a positive and professional manner.

Consistency Dedication Attentiveness Caring Community Incident Reporting – Report and document/record all accidents, incidents, injuries, hazards, and property damage.

Instructions – Follow all reasonable work instructions, and perform all duties within your skills, competencies, and abilities. Other tasks not specified in this PD may be required providing they can be performed in a safe manner.

Safety First – comply with all safety policies and systems to always maintain a safe work environment for yourself and others.

Team spirit – respect work colleagues. Work cooperatively to ensure the best outcome is achieved and continually strive to improve the work environment.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 – $60,000.00 per year

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