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Job description: Engineering GeologistLocation: BrisbaneThe client is a leading engineering, geoscience, and environmental consulting firm.

As an Engineering Geologist with a focus on tailings management, you will be responsible for assessing, monitoring, and mitigating geological risks associated with tailings storage facilities (TSFs) within mining operations. Your expertise will contribute to the safe and environmentally sustainable management of tailings throughout their lifecycle.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Geological Risk Assessment:
  • Conduct geological assessments to identify potential hazards and risks related to tailings storage and disposal.
  • Evaluate the geological characteristics of the site to determine suitability for TSF construction and operation.
  • Analyze geological data to predict and prevent potential issues such as slope instability, groundwater contamination, and seismic risks.
  • Tailings Facility Design and Monitoring:
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to develop TSF designs that account for geological factors and ensure stability and containment.
  • Implement monitoring programs to track geological parameters such as settlement, pore pressure, and seepage within TSFs.
  • Utilize geotechnical instrumentation and remote sensing techniques to continuously monitor the geological integrity of TSFs.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting:
  • Stay updated on relevant regulations and guidelines related to tailings management and geological hazards.
  • Prepare technical reports and documentation for regulatory agencies to secure permits for TSF construction and operation.
  • Provide expertise during regulatory inspections and audits to demonstrate compliance with geological and environmental requirements.
  • Risk Mitigation and Emergency Response:
  • Develop contingency plans and emergency response protocols for geological hazards that may impact TSF stability.
  • Collaborate with emergency management teams to conduct risk assessments and drills to ensure preparedness for potential geological events.
  • Implement measures to mitigate geological risks and enhance the resilience of TSFs against natural disasters and extreme weather events.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication:
  • Communicate complex geological concepts and risks effectively to diverse stakeholders, including project teams, regulatory authorities, and local communities.
  • Engage with external experts, academic institutions, and industry associations to stay abreast of best practices and emerging technologies in tailings management and geological engineering.


  • Previous experience in dam engineering, water resource management, and earthworks will be advantageous.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering, Geology, or a related field. Advanced degree (MSc or PhD) preferred.
  • Professional certification or licensure as a Geologist or Geological Engineer.
  • Demonstrated experience in geological assessment and monitoring within the mining industry, with specific expertise in tailings management preferred.
  • Proficiency in geological modeling software, geotechnical analysis tools, and GIS applications.
  • Strong understanding of relevant regulations and standards related to tailings management and geological engineering.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively across multidisciplinary teams and engage with stakeholders at all levels.

How to Apply
If you think you have the above qualities, are looking for a new challenge, and believe you have what it takes to drive a team to succeed consistently, please forward your resume, along with a cover letter, by clicking on the apply button.

Original Job Posting date: Sat, 20 Apr 2024 03:53:33 GMT

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