Electronics Engineer – Sydney NSW

  • Sydney NSW
  • Posted 5 days ago
  • $95,000 to $110,000 AUD / Year

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The role aims to design, develop, adapt, install, tests, and maintain electronic components, circuits and systems used for battery, solar, ESS & portable power solution systems, communication systems, for transport, mining, medical, IoT, telecommunications and many other industrial applications.

Job Tasks and Duties:

  • Experienced Electronics Engineer is required to engineer, design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment and work with customer & internal BDM team to create new circuits and portable power solutions to customers requirements;
  • Understanding of Primary & Rechargeable Battery Technologies (5 main chemistries);
  • Ability to design in solutions and repair & trouble shooting work on DC distribution & power systems;
  • Battery Cell & Pack Design In for optimum assembly techniques;
  • Battery Design & Schematics For Battery, Solar, Charger & DC Power Manufacturing & Assembly;
  • Upgrade existing designs of products to improve efficiency and performance;
  • Build prototypes of concepts to determine technical feasibility and to present to management and to customers for in-field testing;
  • Work with production team to optimize design for manufacturing from concept stage;
  • Assist production & drafting teams when new products are going into production;
  • Concept Designs and Feasibility Studies for new applications;
  • Testing & R&D of new battery, charger & DC power products to be ranged;
  • Provide lab inspection reports on repairs and returned DC power products, batteries & test equipment;
  • Repair work on product warranty and fault reporting & analysis;
  • Provide detailed & accurate analysis of battery & device integration including power, charge & communication between the two;
  • Direct research to improve and develop electronic systems; direct equipment installation, trouble shooting and repair; develop test standards and operating instructions; design and develop test instruments; test new or modified equipment; review test data; report results, and recommend actions.
  • Discussing proposals with clients. Working with internal & external colleagues to design new systems, circuits and devices or develop existing technology;
  • Testing theoretical designs and summarising into meaningful data for customers & our own R&D developments;
  • Writing datasheets, user manuals & performance specifications;
  • Following defined development processes of product conceptualisation;
  • Ensuring that a DC Power solution or product will work with devices developed by our customers, which can be made again reliably, and will perform consistently in specified operating environments;
  • Ensuring safety regulations are met and products conform to necessary AS/NZ & IEC standards;
  • Consults with researchers and other users on the need and objective output of electronic instruments and equipment; recommends the types of battery power to be used in meeting the desired objectives;
  • Keeping up to date with developments in technologies and regulations. Ensuring adherence to ISO9001:2015 QMS system.
  • Designing electronic components, circuits and systems used for portable power systems. The ability to understand battery management systems involving CAN Bus and Microcontroller (MCU) coding, programming control systems, and battery charging solutions.
  • Developing apparatus and procedures to test electronic components, circuits, and systems; Use of Battery Analysis equipment such as ARBIN, Cadex, WMR & Vencon Battery Analysis equipment.
  • Establishing, monitoring & reporting the performance and safety standards and procedures for operation, modification, maintenance, and repair of such systems;
  • Analysing communications traffic and level of service, and determining the type of installation, location, layout, and transmission medium for battery and DC power communication systems (using things like the Victron VRM Portals);
  • Perform additional engineering related work as required.

Essential Criteria:

  • Possession of a relevant trade certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree, or at least 3 years of equivalent practical experience in Electronics Engineering or a closely related field.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in designing and producing electronics modules that meet project requirements.
  • Proven hands-on ability to construct, commission, and test electronic circuits.
  • Knowledge or experience in digital design and communication protocols such as CAN, Modbus, and Ethernet.
  • Knowledge or experience in system integration & DC Power distribution systems (Inverters, Solar PWM/MPPT, PV modules & battery chargers, power supplies & adequate fusing requirements).
  • Knowledge or experience in embedded system design and programming, such as C , C, and MATLAB.
  • Genuine understanding of Battery Management Systems, Protection Circuit Modules and other battery related assembly parts.
  • Experience in testing, evaluating & troubleshooting Energy Storage Systems (ESS).


  • Experience with an electronic circuit design software packages like Altium.
  • Proficiency in analogue electronics design.
  • Proficiency in DC power electronics design.
  • Experience in battery chemistries and power management systems (including monitoring).
  • Intermediate Microsoft Office Skills and CAD drafting ability (eg. Alibre/Geomagic/Soldworks).

Required Competencies:

  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Actively collaborates with others to achieve organisational goals, sharing team resources as needed. Also engages in collaboration with other teams and industry colleagues.
  • Influence and Communication: Understands the priorities of others and tailors presentations and discussions to resonate with their interests and knowledge level. Anticipates and prepares for reactions from others.
  • Resource Management/Leadership: Allocates tasks, directs activities, and manages resources effectively to meet objectives. Provides mentoring, on-the-job training, recognizing staff accomplishments, and fosters open communication within the team.
  • Judgment and Problem Solving: Investigates complex and undefined problems, delving into underlying issues, and develops appropriate responses by testing and adapting alternative solutions.
  • Independence: Recognizes and implements immediate changes to enhance performance, striving for improvements in speed, efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and client satisfaction.
  • Adaptability: Thrives in ambiguous situations or those lacking clarity. Adapts readily to changing circumstances and new responsibilities, even if they fall outside personal preferences, in order to achieve team objectives. Recognizes the importance of personal development resulting from changes.

Compensation                     Excellent remuneration commensurate to relevant skills and experience.

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