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How To Optimize Your Resume For The Digital Age

How To Optimize Your Resume For The Digital Age

We have reviewed and approved a number of resume submissions to our database recently and in doing so we have identified a number of ways in which our job candidates can increase the likelihood of being selected by recruiters in Australia seeking quality candidates.

One of the things that we have noticed is that a number of candidates are simply uploading their resumes to our database and referencing the file within the Resume content section. E.g – Please see attached file… 

Although this is absolutely fine if the recruiters have already found you in our database and have selected and downloaded your resume to view, we think it’s important that our visitors understand how recruiters will find your resume in our database in the first place.

Unless you have opted to feature your resume so it is flagged to recruiters; the usual process is that recruiters will use search terms to shortlist and identify appropriate candidates to fill roles.

What’s key to understand is that resume databases are generally, a lot less sophisticated than you may think. Sure, they act as a filing cabinet for everyone’s resumes, however, given these filing cabinets may contain 1000’s of resumes, most systems require a way to point recruiters to the correct filing cabinet so they know where to find the candidates they are looking for.

The .pdfs and Microsoft Word documents you upload as part of the resume submission process are the items that are stored in our virtual filing cabinets. These documents are not searchable by recruiters seeking particular skillsets. Instead, we need a way to point recruiters to your documents which is why we include the Resume Content and Skills sections as part of the Resume upload process.

Though having these fields may seem like a duplication. Keep in mind that everyone’s Resumes may be formatted a little differently. Information may be held in different places or paragraphs within the document. Seeking this information in a logical way as part of the resume submission process ensures the data is being searched across all resumes in exactly the same way.

Procurement Manager Resume Keywords Example

As an example – you may be the most experienced procurement professional in the world however if you have added “Procurement Manager” as your professional title.

This is great if a recruiter is looking for a Procurement Manager and uses this term, however, the recruiter may be looking for someone with Category Management experience. Even if the .pdf version of the resume you uploaded to 482jobs talks about all your amazing category management experience you have, there is a very a good chance that your resume will not be highlighted high in the list of search results for this term as preference will be given to candidates that have called our “Category Management” as a key skill within the resume content sections.

Making Your Resume Keyword Rich

Now building on this and looking at the example in the image below – This candidate has added a number of keywords that will help their resume be highlighted as a match.

In this example, if a recruiter was searching for a candidate with “Category Management“, “Vendor Management“, “Vendor Relationship Management” or experience managing “Strategic Vendors“. The candidate who has uploaded this resume will be highlighted as a higher match.

This candidate has also included some other keywords in the skills section which will further increase the candidate’s search ‘relevance’ when recruiters are seeking those skillsets.

Resume Keywords Example
Make sure you add some keyword-rich content to help your resume be found when recruiters are seeking qualified candidates.

With this in mind, it is extremely important that you call out your key skills as a minimum when adding your resume. This way, you are maximizing the chances of having your resume matched with the search terms being used by recruiters searching our database.

A key item to remember – As the candidate has done in our example. Ensure you include your key terms in a natural way – Don’t just stuff the content box with keywords.

The information you include here is the first information recruiters see before downloading your uploaded resume.  If you were googling a term and found search results with lots of random keywords, you’d be less likely to select the result right? Treat your resume in the same way!

Your Resume Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool!

When it comes to an Australian sponsored job search, your resume is your most important marketing tool. Make sure you treat it as such.

Treat your resume as a tool to guide an Australian recruiter towards you. Your goal when adding your resume to our database is to have your details presented to recruiters as one of the search results.

Once a recruiter has selected your resume from the search results you want to make a good first impression. Summarise your experience and highlight your key strengths as part of the Resume Content so they then download your uploaded resume and then contact you about an exciting new job opportunity for you, here in Australia.

Do you have any other Resume submission tips or any questions about this article?

Post the in the comments below.


  1. Melki Mitchel

    I am looking new job as Heavy Duty Mechanic, I hope some one could give me a chance. Thank you.

    1. Mark

      We have a few mechanic roles at the moment Melki – I hope some are suitable –

      1. Mwansa Bright Chilungu

        I am Mechanical Fitter with over 7years of experience in plant Maintenance looking for a sponsored job in Australia. Please help me

        1. Nigel Munashe Kazisi

          Hope you are fine. I just finished my Economics degree and i would appreciate an opportunity for work in line with my degree. I am from Zimbabwe.

        2. Royd Chigali

          I am also interested in this field and I need help to find this job. Please help me.

      2. Oladuni Christiana Francis

        Am looking for new job as hearth care Assistant hope I can get it, I have 3 years in health care Assistant I have work in a resident care home as support worker and for elderly people and supporting children with disabilities, am currently working in a hospital where I suppose patient with their daily needs

        1. Nhlanhla Sibanda

          I am electrician staying in Zimbabwe and I am willing to migrate and work in Australia but I need a company that will sponsor my travel. Am very energetic and self motivated, high thinking skills and a good communication skills

      3. Ajay Dugal

        Respected sir ,iam looking for job in food and beverage service…total 8 year of experience

      4. Kuldeep Singh Randhawa

        Dear Mark

        Greetings to you,

        I am Kuldeep Singh Randhawa , from New Delhi, India, currently working as, Facilities Head, with experience of over 10 yrs in handling Branch administration and Facilities, I did my higher education from London(UK) in management studies (BTEC NQF Level 7 ,PGDMS (Post graduate Diploma in Management studies) after completing my bachelors in arts from Delhi, also did MBA in HR & Marketing from India,

        I am proficient in dealing with supplies, Relocations,Inventories, Customer support,Supporting the Co-working administration in all aspects,Procurement, Office management, Client and public relations, Industry relations and well being,Team supervision, Management support,Secretarial tasks,MOM, Maintenance & repairs,HVAC,ACs,RO,Lifts, Elevators,Building repair and maintenance, Cafeteria management, Electric Panels, Vendor management along with contracts like-HMC, AMCs and other short term contracts, Softwares- Word excel, word, ERP,PPT Creation,Trainings through PPTs, Team development strategies,Parking, Securities,Travel arrangements, Liaisoning of govt and private sector, Transport , CMMS, ,Office and media communications and others,
        Need your guidance for Facilities Manager role if possible.

        Many thanks.

        Best Regards
        Kuldeep Singh Randhawa
        E Mail ks********@gm***.com">-ks********@gm***.com
        MB-. 8373993737

      5. Muhammad zahid

        I am mechanical fitter i have 17 year expriences in abudhabi oil &gas

      6. Kkm

        My name is Khalid from Pakistan and I want to work in your company for any post please give me a job in your company

    2. Mandona Meleka

      Am mandona and am a boilermaker from zambia am interested in working with your organisation

    3. Mwansa Bright Chilungu

      I am a Mechanical Fitter with over 7years of experience in plant Maintenance looking for a job. Please help me

      1. Asamoah Ebenezer

        Am looking for a grain farm Manager with a sponsored Visa

    4. Happiness Ndebele

      Am looking for a new role as Healthcare assistant or support worker.l have more than 3years experience in the field and in different setups like hospitals, old age home and childrens homes. I hope someone would consider me.
      Thank you

    5. Abidemi Okunade

      I am a Veterinarian from Nigeria. I am looking for suitable role as in Veterinary Support as a Veterinary Meat Hygiene Inspector or Veterinarian Sales Representative. I am well experienced in these roles.


      please l am a IT support Engineer (1ST /2nd Line Support)/ Telecom Field Enginner looking for new posistion. i am searching for job openings in Austrlia. i have over 11 years of experience working in the Oil and Gas sector.

    7. Luckson

      l m looking for a job as a data analyst, please help

  2. Peter Mutahi

    Kindly i am from kenya ,and im looking for a job as a heavy equipment mechanic,
    if any my chance let me know,

    1. Mark

      We have a few mechanic roles at the moment Peter – I hope some are suitable –

      1. Thelmer Mabaleka

        My name it Tonny, and I am a procurement specialist, am looking any procurement job or any warehouse and stores vacancies available. I am also a truck driver with experience of 3 years

      2. macgovern chilufya

        Kindly I am from Zambia . I am seeking employment in an organasation as heavy diesel mechanic.


        l am looking for a new role as a Heavy duty Diesel Mechanic and let me know if any roles arise.

    2. Oben Agbor Enow Catherine

      Hello, please am Catherine from Cameroon I am looking for a Call Center and Customers services jobs with a sponsor visa please, and also Digital Marketing and Sales Manager job positions as well. Thanks.

  3. Kalpesh Kavi

    Is it possible to refurnish my CV

    1. Mark

      Hi there Kelpesh, please can you expand on what you mean by refresh? We will probably be offering Resume review services in the future?

      1. Habeeb Sulaimon

        Hello, i am Habeeb from Nigeria. I am looking for a Mechanical Engineering job and Manufacturing Supervisor jobs with a sponsor visa.

    2. Hellen

      Hello… I am Rutendo from Zimbabwe, an Early years Educator with 4 years teaching experience. Looking for a sponsored visa job. Thank you

  4. Malambo Cornillious

    I am a heavy Duty Mechanic from Zambia looking for a job in australia. Thanks

    1. Mark

      We have a few mechanic roles at the moment Malambo – I hope some are suitable –

      1. Chizaram Eleazu

        My name is chizaram from Nigeria. I am looking for a job o caregivers.

    2. Elvis Tanga Takoh

      I am looking for a job in the area of an administrative assistant.i am a Cameroonian base in the English part of the country.

  5. baron mulenga

    Looking for employment as a rigger/digman/csaffolder. Kindly let me know if available thanl you

  6. baron mulenga

    Looking for employment as a rigger/dogman/scaffolder. Kindly let me know if available thank you

  7. sulaimankhan shawon

    I’m looking for a chef/cook job with over 7 years experience
    I’m from Bangladesh
    Living in Saudi Arabia

    1. Nkiru Ezekwe

      I am nkiru from Lagos Nigeria….I am a supervisor,please I am excellently good at attending to customers,I am searching for a new job….it will be an honor of am given this opportunity to work with your company.

  8. Benalt

    I am a metal fabricator, boilermaker currently living in Zimbabwe. I have a positive skills assessment and IELTS and looking for a job in Australia, willing to relocate ASAP.

  9. Josephine Ikonge

    Am seeking for a traineeship in aged care in Australia hope to be considered.

    1. Joan Jeanneret

      I am a qualified community services worker with a Bachelors in community development from Murdoch University.
      I am based in Switzerland.
      I am looking forward any position in the community service sector

  10. Suswanto Waluyo

    Hi, good after noon, this is first time i am posting i this forum
    I am from Indonesia, looking new career as a Sign Maker in austrlia

    1. Kelly Kelly

      I am a qualified hotelier with 4 years experience..I am an all-rounder in the service providing sectors
      .I have great comm skills and excellent customer services. I am a holder of a 2nd upper divison class Degree. Studied Hospitality,tourism and cultural management….I am open to work.Kindly present opportunities so that i may maximise my capacity

  11. Mohan Ambigapathi

    I am Senior Urban planner with experience in Traffic and Transport / Airport / Road construction project management looking for similar roles. Kindly let me know if any.

    1. KANA Elie

      I am a qualified Professional Civil Engineer with a Certified in Project Management along with Quality assurance and Quality Control management
      I am based in Kigali Rwanda
      I am looking forward any position in the construction Project sector ( Power,telecom, Intelligent Transport System, Roads infrastructures etc …..)


        I am an electrician from Uganda and willing to relocate with over 6 years experience in the field. Connect me please

  12. Sepenoo Nyamadi

    I am Sepenoo who is currently working with Mantrac Ghana limited as a Caterpillar mechanic, seeking for employment and sponsorship.

  13. Nosicelo Majeke

    Im looking for a fitter job.

  14. Sepenoo Nyamadi

    I am Caterpillar mechanic seeking for employment overseas.
    I also need sponsorship please

  15. Henry Pandawa

    I’m currently looking for electrical jobs


    Hi, am a qualified, experienced and skilled heavy duty Auto Electrician. 12 years experience on underground and open pit machines. Any chances there please.

  17. Collins Mwila

    Iam Collins Mwila from Zambia looking for a employment as a boilermaker/welder with 14 years experience.

  18. Pamela Mbanje

    I am a qualified and experienced irrigation and water technician looking for a job.

  19. Kalira Nathaniel Mwafulirwa

    Am looking for a post as a MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN

  20. Loice

    Hi am looking for a job in any correctional facility.

  21. Placcedia

    I am looking for an Early Learning Teaching Job

  22. Jediel Kipleting

    I am looking for a job as a data Entry clerk or office administrator. Thank you

    1. Mark

      Hi Jediel – This type of occupation probably doesn’t offer sponsorship, unfortunately – Please see here for more information and context:

    2. Rafiq

      I want to apply for the same

  23. paul

    Am heavy duty mechanic looking for a new challenge but I can’t upload my CV.and also is the anything in pipeline for me

    1. Mark

      Hi Paul – that’s odd that you can’t upload – I have sent you a message – Please review it so we can help get you sorted.

  24. Mohammed Bashir Shola

    I hold Bsc in Economics in my country and I’m currently running my master in Economics also. I am currently working with business development institution and entrepreneurship from 2010 till date.
    I’m good at html, css and javalscript. I need a sponsor visa for me, my wife and two kids from any employer who will find me useful in their organisation. I’m a fast learner and good

  25. orelaja seyi adeniran

    I am looking for accountant role in Australia. I am a chartered accountant from Nigeria with 10 years practical experience.

  26. Jonathan Daimo

    I am Looking for a Mechanical Fitter role, which I have experience in mining as a fixed plant maintenance fitter in Papua New Guinea, working for NewCrest Mining LTD under a contractor for over 4 year’s. I really hope someone kind can give me a chance.

  27. Isiaq maruff olasoji

    I’m presently in United Arab Emirates working with building construction company as a bricklayer/stonemason.
    I’m a Nigerian. Please notify me if there is any available jobs.

  28. Isiaq maruff olasoji

    I’m looking for building construction job, bricklayer/stonemason precisely.
    Please notify me if there is any available offer.

    1. Donwilliam

      I am a skilled sales man and am looking for job opportunities to lucratively utilise my skill sets. Please notify me if there is any opening in Australia. From Nigeria

      1. 482jobs

        Hi Don – Please see this post for details on how to set job alerts so we can contact you when appropriate roles become available :

      2. Mark Smith AMSOE AMIRTE/Eng Tech MIMechE

        I am currently working for Epiroc on mining, surface and underground machines. I have experience in Heavy diesel mechanic,plant machines. Forklift and Access machines. Also generators, compressors and pumps. I’m ready for a new challenge and to further my career in Australia.

  29. Mupumha Lillian

    I am a junior school teacher who specialised in Art, I am a Zimbabwean in search of a job.

    1. Mark Smith AMSOE AMIRTE/Eng Tech MIMechE

      I am currently working for Epiroc on mining, surface and underground machines. I have experience in Heavy diesel mechanic,plant machines. Forklift and Access machines. Also generators, compressors and pumps. I’m ready for a new challenge and to further my career in Australia.

  30. Benjamin Musonda

    Anyone out there with heavy Equipment Repair Mechanic roles to give me a chance please i need a job

  31. innocentrewu

    I am a Diesel Plant Fitter, with both AUR312116 Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology (Vetasses) and IELTS ,currently living in Zimbabwe. I am looking for a job in Australia, willing to relocate ASAP.

  32. valentine munyaradzi

    I am a qualified Automotive Electrician with experience in both heavy trucks and small vehicles. Besides general electrics l can also troubleshoot auto transmission on trucks with eaton and zf gearboxes. I am a dedicated and highly motivated person looking for a job as an auto electrician. I can do breakdowns on my own without hesitation

  33. Justina

    I’m hoping to get a job as an Accountant.
    I hope someone locates me soon.
    Because I’m the breadwinner of my family.
    Thank you.

  34. Godson Aligah

    Hi team my name is Ghana from Ghana I am a construction supervisor with experience in structures steels erecting mechanical installation in plant fitting, site operating machines, and project supervision to work safely with the team to achieve our target
    Please I am looking for new opportunities in any company on projects now to help me
    Thank you.

    1. Godson Aligah

      * my name is Godson Aligah

  35. Edmore Wisitesi

    I am an experienced Boilermaker welder from Zimbabwe and l am looking for for a job. Vatessess completed.

  36. Joshua

    Good morning Sir,
    My name is Joshua Kokole , I’m 24 years
    old and live in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.
    My reason for writing to you is in the hope of getting a sponsorship in Electrical Engineering in Australia. I am looking for an apprenticeship as a first year electrician specifically as I haven’t worked with any company before, except for the practicals I did in school.
    I have achieved my graduate diploma degree at Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe- Oghara in 2021.
    Unfortunately there are no opportunities in Nigeria to further my career in my field of study or any possibilities of employment.
    Electrical Engineering is my passion and my goal in life is to be successful all I need is the opportunity to prove myself.
    I would be eternally grateful should someone choose to give me that opportunity to make a better life for myself in Australia
    I have a current passport and can supply any documents that may be required.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Yours sincerely
    Joshua Kokole

  37. Shimane Tladi


    I am looking for electrician/electrical technician jobs. My experience includes underground and surface mining electrical, industrial and domestic electrical systems. Thank you.

    1. 482jobs

      Hi and welcome. We have several vacancies that may be of interest.

      Good luck! 👍

  38. Keziah Izuchukwu

    Am looking for a job as a healthcare assistant/ support worker in Nigeria. If there are any chances, please let me know.

  39. Keziah Izuchukwu

    Am from Nigeria, and am looking for a job as an assistant in nursing/ personal support worker in Australia. If there are any chances please let me know.

    1. 482jobs

      Hey there. If you haven’t already, please ensure you have uploaded a copy of your resume so our Australian recruiter can find you if they have a suitable position they are looking to fill

  40. Mario Maphosa

    I’m looking for opportunity to work as Heavy duty diesel mechanic (mobile Plant mechanic). I have vast experience working in coal and copper mining environment. I will glad if I have the chance

    1. 482jobs

      We have a number of suitable roles currently listed in our Database Mario. Recommend you search from our home page – A few examples here:

  41. Beckman

    I am looking for a job as HD Diesel Mechanic. I have 6 of work experience on CAT & Hitachi machines

    1. 482jobs

      We have a number of Diesel Mechanic roles currently listed Beckman – check out our current job listings on our homepage 👍

  42. Timothy Afuale'efi

    I am looking for Mechanical Fitter roles in Australia (Queensland region) that will leverage my experience and enable me to pursue a career more challenging. I have 10 years plus experience in Heavy fixed plant, FMGC, Oil and gas Refinery.

  43. badmusabass266

    I am from Nigeria.I am looking for Farming job or Mining job with visa sponsorship in Australia.
    Kindly help out.

  44. badmusabass266

    My name is for a Farming or Mining job in Australia.
    Please kindly help me

    1. 482jobs

      Best to search the jobs from our homepage

  45. Obidare Dayo

    Am from Nigeria and looking for a job as an caregiver/support worker in Australia. I will be glad if I have the chance..

  46. angelmusonda7

    Impressive article. I am interested in a career of heavy diesel mecjanic

    1. 482jobs

      Hi Angel – Thanks for the feedback – We have many Mechanic roles offering sponsorship – please search from our homepage or see some of the listings here:

      1. Ngunique

        My name is Ngozi, I’m from Nigeria. I’m a chartered administrator and also a project Manager with over 8 years experience. I have effective communicating skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills and a team player. I can also work with a Non-Governmental Organization.

  47. Gerrard Mwape

    I’m looking for a job as a hydraulic fitter.

    1. Mark

      Please use the search option on our homepage Gerrard 👍🏻

  48. Viviene Ogolo

    I am an overseas applicant from Nigeria, looking for a customer service associate role, I do hope to get assistance for job links and offers too.

    1. Rangarirai Trymore Bembwe

      Hi I am an Apprenticeship trained Diesel plant fitter with 15 years experience, 8 of which are in the mining industry. I am looking for an employer who wants to sponsor me and get a dedicated and result oriented professional who has a never say die attitude.

  49. Tawona Sanyahawa

    Hie l’m an experienced bricklayer from Zimbabwe looking forward to work in Australia

  50. bintojose.m

    Looking for Porsche Silver Technician Australia. 13 years more experience in automotive industry.

  51. Emmanuel Chipampe

    I’m from Zambia here,kindly looking for employment has heavy duty mechanics

  52. Kenneth Ogbonda

    I am a Telecommunication engineer and Junior Data Analyst.
    With over 10year working experience on PDH/SDH,BTS ,Preventive and corrective maintenance, RRU & RSU installation.
    Worked on ZTE,HUAWEI &ERICSSON equipment.
    Hope i can get a placement for Telecommunication jobs,

    1. Beatrice Ndebele

      Hello,lm Beatrice Ndebele from Zimbabwe.lm looking for a job in either Communications,Marketing,Advertising, Admin Assistant and Journalism

  53. Egeniah Remwa

    Good Day, I am currently seeking employment in the following area Financial Accounting, Business Administration, Senior Debtors and Creditors Control, Care Giver and Banking. I am based in South Africa, willing to relocate, and any visa sponsorships are most welcome.


      I am currently seeking for employment as a care giver in the Care homes, with a willingness to execute the demands of my duties wholeheartedly. Am very experienced in this field and am willing to take bring this experience to Australia.
      If someone can help me realize this dream, I am more than ready to relocate, with a Visa Sponsorship. Thanks alot
      Charles Ssebaggala

  54. Juliet Kelechi Unubi

    With over 10yrs experience in humanitarian program and partnerships, l now hope opportunities with higher responsibilities.

  55. eltongoto

    Iam looking for employment as a Stock or Inventory Controller

  56. saliou faye

    I’m a gold room supervisor AND heavy equipment trainer at Endeavour mining in the processing operation
    I have 25 years experiences working in the road construction, stemming crusher, and mining industry and during this time I have developed my self with safety , can do attitude with good skills set to support me.
    I worked as a competent and experienced heavy equipment operator in mining operations as a supervisor and trainer of heavy equipment.
    To improve myself to do the CERT IV TRAINING course
    for now i Conducts training, assessments for all the heavy equipment
    and record keeping for all Gold Room and Day Crew Operators, tailings and the stemming crusher

  57. Emmanuel Gogwe

    Am seeking for a sponsored Healthcare assistant job in Australia. I have 2 years experience in care.Am someone who is flexible,tenacious, gregarious and altruistic in nature. AM READY FOR INTERVIEWS!!

  58. Jonathan Ibezim-Okoro

    Tough one posting a CV.
    I am a full stack developer with 3years plus experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP (Laravel framework) and MySQL database.

    On the secondhand, i am a chef.
    Please any opportunity for me to start a new life in Australia

    1. 482jobs

      Hi Jonathan – Interesting Mix. You can upload more than one resume here at 482jobs – We’d be inclined to upload two slightly different versions with one using keywords targeting your Tech background and a separate one targeting your experience as a Chef. Tourism and hospitality jobs are hot at the moment so the Chef role may be the more sought after if you have some solid experience in this space.

  59. Mary Banda

    Am Mary 33 years of age and am from Zambia. Looking for a job in Australia as a Humanitarian aid support worker or as an Administrative assistant please if there is something up link me. I am a very hard-working person I execute my duties in an efficient and professional way in line with the company’s / organization’s policy and goals.


    I am environmentalist looking for an opportunity. any leads will be highly appreciated.

    1. Chizaram

      Hello, my name is chizaram Eucharia nwaodu for Nigeria. I am presently working in a government university in my country as graduate of french language and masters in educational administration and planning, i am looking for education management jobs

  61. Munashe

    I am a Civil Technician from Zimbabwe and looking for an opportunity in Australia

  62. Mark Smith AMSOE AMIRTE/Eng Tech MIMechE

    Hi I’m currently working for Epiroc UK and Ireland on mining equipment and also have a lot of experience in Heavy diesel and plant equipment. I am looking for further challengers in my field in Australia.

  63. Victor Simiyu

    Hi,am looking for a job opportunity in Australia as a bartender,i have an experince of 5 years,and willing to relocate under sponsorship,Your consideration will be highly appreciated.thanks.

  64. Liberty Masondo

    Hie im looking for diesel locomotive electrician/fitter/technician job or electrician/maintenance Electrician have more than 7years working on Locomotive’s and looking for sponsored visa. Thanks and looking forward for an opportunity

  65. Mohammad Zakir

    I’m getting in touch to let you know that I’m currently searching for a new opportunity in Australia. With my education background masters in finance and banking and skills in internal audit, my ideal position involves for 13 years as internal auditor for an multi national employer based in United Arab Emirates.

  66. Antwi Kenneth Haruna

    Dear Hiring Manager,
    I’m writing about your available sales associate position. all skills I developed as a sales
    associate at Zara Stores, Inc. For proof, I was named employee of the month five times in just
    three years. I know your focus is providing an excellent customer experience. For that you need
    a friendly, helpful associate with cashier skills, product knowledge, and a dependable, hard-
    working attitude. In my time at ZARA, I received six letters from customers praising my
    cheerfulness and helpfulness.
    I maintained a 99% average in our regular product knowledge tests. I also helmed the
    register for closing and opening shifts and always reconciled my drawer with zero errors. I’m
    very excited about working as a sales associate at ZARA Stores. My resume details other ways
    I helped contribute to sales excellence at ZARA.
    I’d be happy to talk with you about the skills, experience, and dedication I can bring to ZARA Stores’ customers

  67. Sibanda

    Hi, iam a Diesel plant fitter from Zimbabwe currently based in South Africa. I have 11 years experience on tamrok underground drills and bolters. And factory experience at Finland tampare tamrok, and France Lyon factory. Iam looking for opportunities in Australia /UK

  68. Nathan Hunjeferi

    Looking for job opportunity as a Mechanical Fitter

  69. chibesa

    Am an ACCA Chartered Accountant from Zambia, looking for a role as financial accountant or accountant general in Australia

  70. chibesa

    Am An ACCA Qualified Accountant with over 10 years Experience, looking for a role in financial reporting and analysis.

  71. aquarius

    Looking fr job as security or truck driver

  72. Chrisgibson

    Hi there, I am a highly skilled cnc machinist with a Tool jig &Die making qualification. I completed my trade test in 2012 so I have over 10 years experience. I am seeking sponsorship into Australia and I am having alot of difficulty submitting my resume here

  73. Bailey Lucas

    My name is Lucas Bailey. Im a Process Technician.

  74. Usenio Varayame

    Hi my name is Usenio Vakatauvata Varayame I’m 28 years old. Iam a welder and repairer currently looking for a job at any container yard in Australia and i need sponsorship. Thank you
    Contact me: Us**************@gm***.com
    +679 2934972

  75. Terence

    Hi,am looking for a job opportunity in Australia as a Panel beater ,i have 4 years experience trade license ,and willing to relocate even under sponsorship,Your consideration will be highly appreciated.thanks.


    Am a Butcher with 3yrs experience, I need Butcher work and am also a Certified Nursing Assistant.

  77. Augustine Passingan Mohin

    I am a mechanical fitter tradesman, currently seeking new exciting jobs in Australia in my field of trade.I would be greatful if you can help me with sponsorship visa job . I thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  78. Rommel Nuque

    My name is Rommel Nuque I’m applying for electrician I’m almost 15 yrs experience currently looking for a job to someone who give me the opportunity to work I’m very grateful to you because you give me a chance to work in your company to support my family thank you

  79. Aamir Abbas

    I am pakistani National and working in gulf country Oman as Heavy truck driver. I have 12 years of experience in trucking industry. I have valid International MC Truck driver license of Royal Oman police issued. I need assistance for visa sponsorship if someone give me a chance.
    +968 95615704 (whatsapp Oman)

  80. K.N.Ishani Maduwanthi

    I am from Sri Lanka. I am dedicated and compassionate healthcare assistant with more than 3 years of experience in providing patient care in a hospital setting. Strong communication and organizational skills, with a passion for helping others. I have Successfully completed a Professional Diploma in Healthcare and have First aid Certificate, CPR Certificate and also Wound Dressing Certificate. I would be grateful if you can help me with sponsorship visa job.Your consideration will be highly appreciated. Thank You.

  81. Ruphina Egbuke

    I am a care assistant with over 10years experience with a passion to help humanity. Very dedicated and industrious.

    Am a Nigerian and looking forward to opportunities with visa sponsorship.

  82. Mbilal

    I’m graduate in civil engineering technology with 2 years of experience and looking for job.
    Any cvsp employer or recruiter here to help me ?

  83. Obinna

    I need to apply for sponsorship job on pipe layer or pipefitting in Australia , please how can I apply ,help me

  84. Gregory Sichilima

    Hi I am HSE Advisor with 20 experience, ready for a new challenge contact me through si**************@gm***.com for more details.

  85. yennuma

    Hi, I am HSEQ Advisor with 14years of experience in the Telecom and Construction industry, ready for a new challenge contact me through ye*****@ya***.com for more details.

  86. Tichaonashe Sixpence

    i am a mechanical fitter and turner with FMCG,MINING and Power GENERATION experience with over 4 years working experience who is looking for a sponsored job.i have completed skills assessment and ielts with band 7

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