How To Optimize Your Resume For The Digital Age

We have reviewed and approved a number of resume submissions to our database recently and in doing so we have identified a number of ways in which our job candidates can increase the likelihood of being selected by recruiters in Australia seeking quality candidates.

One of the things that we have noticed is that a number of candidates are simply uploading their resumes to our database and referencing the file within the Resume content section. E.g – Please see attached file… 

Although this is absolutely fine if the recruiters have already found you in our database and have selected and downloaded your resume to view, we think it’s important that our visitors understand how recruiters will find your resume in our database in the first place.

Unless you have opted to feature your resume so it is flagged to recruiters; the usual process is that recruiters will use search terms to shortlist and identify appropriate candidates to fill roles.

What’s key to understand is that resume databases are generally, a lot less sophisticated than you may think. Sure, they act as a filing cabinet for everyone’s resumes, however, given these filing cabinets may contain 1000’s of resumes, most systems require a way to point recruiters to the correct filing cabinet so they know where to find the candidates they are looking for.

The .pdfs and Microsoft Word documents you upload as part of the resume submission process are the items that are stored in our virtual filing cabinets. These documents are not searchable by recruiters seeking particular skillsets. Instead, we need a way to point recruiters to your documents which is why we include the Resume Content and Skills sections as part of the Resume upload process.

Though having these fields may seem like a duplication. Keep in mind that everyone’s Resumes may be formatted a little differently. Information may be held in different places or paragraphs within the document. Seeking this information in a logical way as part of the resume submission process ensures the data is being searched across all resumes in exactly the same way.

Procurement Manager Resume Keywords Example

As an example – you may be the most experienced procurement professional in the world however if you have added “Procurement Manager” as your professional title.

This is great if a recruiter is looking for a Procurement Manager and uses this term, however, the recruiter may be looking for someone with Category Management experience. Even if the .pdf version of the resume you uploaded to 482jobs talks about all your amazing category management experience you have, there is a very a good chance that your resume will not be highlighted high in the list of search results for this term as preference will be given to candidates that have called our “Category Management” as a key skill within the resume content sections.

Making Your Resume Keyword Rich

Now building on this and looking at the example in the image below – This candidate has added a number of keywords that will help their resume be highlighted as a match.

In this example, if a recruiter was searching for a candidate with “Category Management“, “Vendor Management“, “Vendor Relationship Management” or experience managing “Strategic Vendors“. The candidate who has uploaded this resume will be highlighted as a higher match.

This candidate has also included some other keywords in the skills section which will further increase the candidate’s search ‘relevance’ when recruiters are seeking those skillsets.

Resume Keywords Example
Make sure you add some keyword-rich content to help your resume be found when recruiters are seeking qualified candidates.

With this in mind, it is extremely important that you call out your key skills as a minimum when adding your resume. This way, you are maximizing the chances of having your resume matched with the search terms being used by recruiters searching our database.

A key item to remember – As the candidate has done in our example. Ensure you include your key terms in a natural way – Don’t just stuff the content box with keywords.

The information you include here is the first information recruiters see before downloading your uploaded resume.  If you were googling a term and found search results with lots of random keywords, you’d be less likely to select the result right? Treat your resume in the same way!

Your Resume Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool!

When it comes to an Australian sponsored job search, your resume is your most important marketing tool. Make sure you treat it as such.

Treat your resume as a tool to guide an Australian recruiter towards you. Your goal when adding your resume to our database is to have your details presented to recruiters as one of the search results.

Once a recruiter has selected your resume from the search results you want to make a good first impression. Summarise your experience and highlight your key strengths as part of the Resume Content so they then download your uploaded resume and then contact you about an exciting new job opportunity for you, here in Australia.

Do you have any other Resume submission tips or any questions about this article?

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