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How To To Find A Sponsored Job In Australia

How To To Find A Sponsored Job In Australia

Applying for a job offering Australia 482 visa sponsorship can be very confusing. Many employers offer 482 visas and advertise they are looking for someone to sponsor but finding these jobs can be difficult. This is where 482jobs come in, and if you are looking for a job in Australia offering 482 Visa Sponsorship, this guide is designed for you.

How To Apply for a 482 Sponsored Visa

This guide will cover three critical steps to securing a sponsored job in Australia. The eligibility criteria for jobs in Australia offering sponsorship, applying for the job, and submitting your Visa Application.

Step 1: Meet the eligibility criteria

The first thing you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria. To qualify for a 482 sponsored visa, you must have a job offer from an Australian employer, and they must be willing to sponsor your application.

This means they will provide proof that they can support you financially while you are in Australia and help you with a return airfare home if needed.

You must also meet the general health and character requirements for a visa.

The general health requirement is confirmed when you provide medical evidence of your good health and fitness. This can be in the form of a doctor’s letter.

The character requirement means that you have no criminal convictions and haven’t committed any crimes against an Australian citizen while living overseas. You can confirm this in the form of a police certificate.

Step 2: Find a job that offers Sponsorship.

Many jobs will sponsor you for a visa, but the tricky part is identifying jobs in Australia offering Sponsorship.

This is where 482jobs come in. Since our launch in early 2019, we’ve become the largest online jobs board geared explicitly towards assisting candidates in finding visa sponsorships.

Our team of in-house experts spend hundreds of hours finding and posting over 1000 sponsored jobs every month. When you find a Job on 482jobs, you know that the job is confirmed as offering Australia 482 Visa Sponsorship.

Step 3: Apply for the job and submit your visa application

The next step is to apply for the job and submit your visa application.

The Australian 482 visa requires that you have a confirmed job offer before you can apply for the visa. This is because the visa is only granted to people who have a confirmed job offer and an employer willing to sponsor them for their stay in Australia.

Applying for a job is the same process as you would follow if applying for a job in your home country.

You find a job on that meets your requirements. You apply for the job by forwarding a resume and cover letter. If shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview (most often a phone or video interview if you are currently overseas), and if successful, you will be offered a job.

You are then required to apply for the visa, which is done online at The visa application requires that you provide evidence of your qualifications, experience and English proficiency (if necessary). In almost all cases, the employer will assist with this process and will commence the completion of the paperwork on your behalf. If you get stuck, we are also happy to help through our free community forums.


Applying for a sponsored visa in Australia can be confusing, but we are here to make it easier. Your first step is to find a job, and you can use our jobs board to identify an appropriate job as ALL our jobs offer Australian Visa Sponsorship. It has never been easier to identify a sponsored job in Australia so start your journey to a new life in Australia today!


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