July 2023 Update - Our Forums Have Been Shut Down

Hello Everybody – After Running our Forums for a couple of years, we have decided to shut them down.

The primary reason is we weren’t seeing the activity we were expecting when we originally launched them, and in line with other job boards on the internet, offering a community aspect just wasn’t something our visitors were looking for.

So what about the premium support forums for 482 Job Club Members?

Our premium support forums have now been replaced with a new dedicated contact form for our 482 Job Club members, which can be accessed by clicking here. Completing the form will email your enquiry to our support staff, who will review and respond to your enquiry via email. Based on feedback from a number of our 482 Job Club Members, having a priority email support channel seemed to be a more sought-after option, so we hope you find this a useful improvement.

What if I’m not a job club member and I still need help?

Another reason for discontinuing our forums is we have also spent the last couple of years writing a significant number of user guides and resources, with more being added every week!

Some useful links to get you started:

If you have any further issues with your account or have a general enquiry, please also feel free to use our general enquiry contact form by clicking here

Please note, however, we can only provide 1:1 user support for our 482 Job Club members. As part of our service commitment, our 1:1 email support is dedicated to our 482 Job Club members, ensuring they promptly receive the assistance they need.

We appreciate your understanding and wish you continued success with your job search. 

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