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Can I Change Employer On a 482 visa

Can I Change Employer On a 482 visa?

So even though you may have secured your dream job in Australia, given you are going to be working down under for 2 – 4 years as a minimum, circumstances can change and you may find yourself wondering if you can change an Employer while on a 482 Visa.

Can I Change Employer On a 482 visa?

The answer short answer is that it is possible to change employers (sponsors), but you need to be mindful of certain rules and regulations which must be met before you do so.

This is because your current 482/TSS visa has a condition attached to it (8607), which means that you must work only for the employer who most recently nominated you when you arrived in Australia.

How to change sponsors on a 482 visa?

The conditions on your 482 Visa requires visa holders who wish to change occupation (as opposed to employer), to have a new nomination approved and a new visa granted before they start work in a new occupation.

If you don’t, the new employer risks sanctions and fines, if it employs a visa holder in breach of the applicants, work conditions (not the best start to a new job)!

When you find a new employer willing to sponsor (and nominate) you, the business must be (or apply for) an approved TSS Business Sponsor and nominate you for the position they have for you.

They must also be able to show that the business has a genuine need for someone in your position and evidence that they have tested the market and have found no one locally (Labour Market Testing) with respect to the position.

Can I start work for my new employer before the transfer to a new 482 visa?

You cannot start working for the new employer until the sponsorship and nomination are approved and if you wish to quit your old job, you need to be aware of another of the conditions on your 482 visa, which says that your visa should be cancelled if you cease working for more than 60 days.


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