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Current Australia Occupations Lists

Australian Occupations Lists

To be eligible for an Australian 482 visa, it’s crucial to have a job in high demand. Your occupation must appear on one of the Australian occupations lists to determine its demand status and determine if it qualifies for a 482 visa.

Australian occupations lists

Australian occupations lists are a crucial aspect of Australia’s immigration system, as they determine the eligibility of individuals for various visa categories. There are three main lists: the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), and the Regional Occupation List (ROL).

The MLTSSL includes in-demand, high-skilled occupations that are crucial for the long-term growth and development of the Australian economy. Individuals with occupations on this list are eligible for the 482 visas or the 186 visas.

The STSOL, on the other hand, includes a smaller list of high-demand occupations that are considered crucial for the short-term growth and development of the Australian economy. Individuals with occupations on this list may be eligible for the 482 visa, but the visa validity and duration may be shorter than for those on the MLTSSL.

Finally, the Regional Occupation List (ROL) includes occupations that are in demand in regional areas of Australia rather than just in major cities. Individuals with occupations on this list may also be eligible for the regional 491 visa or the 186 visas. The ROL provides opportunities for individuals to live and work in regional areas and contribute to these communities’ growth and development.

You can find links to these individual lists below.

The MTSSL or the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List

The Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)


The Regional Occupations List (ROL)

In conclusion, the Australian occupations lists play a crucial role in determining the eligibility of individuals for various visa categories in Australia.

It is important to have your occupations appear on one of these lists to be eligible for a 482 visa. It is also important to note that the eligibility and duration of the visa may vary depending on which list the occupation appears on. It is highly recommended to review and stay up to date with the most current information on these lists to ensure a smooth visa application process.


  1. Manoj

    I am ready to taking first and second option visa

    1. 482jobs

      You are in the right place Manoj!

      1. Manoj Lazer

        I am interested to join a job in Australia and settle there for the rest of my life

        1. 482jobs

          Hello Manoj, Thank you for your comment, please visit our resources post here: to get started with your sponsored job search. This page also includes a link to formally register your interest in Australian Job opportunities by uploading your resume.

        2. Abdullah Abdul Karim

          I am a first-class public transport truck driver with more than 13 years of experience

        3. Abdullah Abdul Karim

          I am interested to work in Australia as a class 1 truck driver

    2. Morgan Siame

      I am a HD Mechanic looking for opportunities in Australia

      1. Jithin


        I’m Interested ,
        Room attendant in hotel feeled

        Jithin Thomas

  2. Phibion

    Boilermaker Welder is it on skills on demand

    1. Abdul Jamil

      I’m working as BUS DRIVER in saudi arabia and i interested work in Australia.

  3. Kalira Nathaniel Mwafulirwa

    I can’t wait to be in Australia

    1. mulusi ssekijoba

      Am looking Chef job specialty in sushi

  4. Godson Aligah

    Hi please my wife is a senior medical director in Ghana and we are looking for on healthcare sponsorship opportunity for her to work in Australia please is there any help for her
    Thank you .

    1. Godson Aligah

      *Sorry my wife is a senior medical doctor

      1. Mark

        Hey there Godson – There are many medical roles currently in our database – please see here for a number of recent examples:

        1. Stephen, Ayuba Shok

          Hi Mark thanks for the reply it benefited not only him. I am. Medical Laboratory Scientist practicing here in Abuja Nigeria. Seeking for similar role and opportunities in Australia.

      2. Hussein Imurana Dowuona Hammond

        Am a mechanical technician and a lathe machinist from ghana west Africa , I need a job.

    2. Rosebell Akoth Ouyo

      Looking for an Auditor and Accountant job please assist

      1. 482jobs

        Hey Rosebell – this is a good place to start – We have a few roles that may be suitable – we hope job volumes in this space will continue:

    3. Mwansa Hardwell Rodgers

      Heavy Duty Mechanic looking for employment in Australia.

  5. Richard Summers MBA, CMgr MCMI, MIC

    Hi I have worked as a management consultant, Program Manager and now Client Partner. What options are available

    1. Mark

      Hi Richard – we have a number of companies advertising client roles and consultancies advertising jobs in Australia offering sponsorship – Please search from our homepage – Here is a good example posted today.

      1. Richard Marx

        Hi Mark
        Hope you are well
        I want to ask you happen to know or direct me on the right path in looking for a 491 visa sponsorship for me I’m a qualified Motor Mechanic with a completed Trade Test Red Seal Certificate
        So I’m looking to relocate with my family to Australia in Perth
        Kind Regards
        Richard Marx

        1. 482jobs

          Hi Richard – So, the 491 visa is a points-based visa that allows skilled workers to live and work in regional Australia. It is a five-year visa, and applicants must score a minimum of 65 points on the Department of Home Affairs points test to be eligible. You’ll need to be sponsored by an eligible family member or a designated government agency to apply. Employers can also sponsor applicants who meet specific criteria.

          The official link for this visa type is here:

          I’m curious why the 491 vs versus the 482? Do you have family members who are willing to sponsor you?

          Note that although our focus is the 482 visa, we list any job offering Australia visa sponsorship, including opportunities offering the 491-visa class.



    2. Rommel Punsalan

      I’m Offshore Crane Operator wants to work in Australia..

  6. Juanita

    I hold a B-com degree, Senior Paralegal Diploma and Professional legal secretary. I have over 15 years total work experience and in that 6 years as a Legal Assistant secretary, looking for sponsorships to Australia in the legal field

    1. 482jobs

      Welcome Juanita – You have some pretty transferable experience there so we wish you the best of luck in your search 👍

    2. HD MECHANIC with 5years of experience, worked in Saudi Arabia industrious, loyal, self motivated and looking forward to work in Australia

  7. John breen

    Are painters on demand for brisbane

    1. Mark

      Couple of roles but more so for vehicles rather than building’s. Example here.

    2. Regina

      I am a travel consultant. Do I stand a chance of getting a job and moving to Australia? Please help.

  8. Francine Stewart

    I am a Registered MIdwife in Jamaica that have not seen Austrailia recruiting Midwives like other countries, is it in demand there?

    1. Robyn

      Hi Francine, there has been a growing demand for midwives in Aus over the last few years.

  9. Morteza Yeganeh

    Good day,
    I had been in Australia from 2006 till 2009 with 457 visa ,unfortunately i lost my job because of world economy recession ,any way if there is any job offer for a senior structural engineer specialized in steel and concrete detailing -Light weight steel framing system as well(shop drawing) with over 15 years experience.
    I appreciate in advance.

    1. 482jobs

      Hi Morteza, I’d take a second to search our job listings and if you haven’t already, set a job alert for structural engineer so we can email you if we share any appropriate roles.

      Instructions on how to set a job alert here:

      We also found this role. Unsure if this would suit your background?

      1. Miriam

        Am in interested in relocating. Am a customer service officer with a bachelor degree in accounting

  10. Kanishka Veediyarachchi

    AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEM ENGINEERING degree and I have worked as a Senior Mechanic, What options are available

  11. Raksha Rashika Chand

    Hy Im Raksha Rashika Chand and im about to complete Bachelors Of Commerce Industrial Relatins and Human Resources Management , and would like to get a sponsorship to work in australian

  12. Innocent Ezemonye Wiche

    Hi this Innocent Wiche, from Rivers State , Nigeria. I am a Lawyer with 6 years Court and business practice. I have worked as Customer Care Executive for 6 Years in India. Now, I am tired of the practice system in Nigeria and want to relocate to Australia for Job Sponsorship in Managerial field or any field that will suit my kind of jobs, previous and present. Thanks

  13. Memory Masora

    I have a Master’s in Public Health and am currently the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager with 8 years of work experience(data management). What options do l have to apply for?

    1. UBOH Sylvester

      Good day all, I hold a BS.c Degree in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management and am also a professional driver for over 8years now, I would love to switch into truck driving with visa sponsorship thank you.

  14. Abdul Khalique Sahito

    I’m Abdul khalique
    My qualifications is fA
    I’m tiles fixer Bricklayer mason plasteror
    I have 15 years experience

  15. Lakhsmi Devi Emrith

    I am Vimi residing in Mauritius but will be in Perth by end of February.
    Looking for a sponsored job in the health safety and environmental field in the construction. I have 8 years working experience in related field.
    I have a degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and am fluent in French and English. Also understand and speaks hindi.

  16. Irene1

    I am a Chartered Accountant who lives and work in Lagos Nigeria. Please i am looking for a Visa Sponsorhip job in Finance and accounting in any industry. I have over 10 years working experience and i am ready to relocate to Australia asap.
    Please what options do i have

  17. Anthony Ayodele

    Hi! I am an experienced HSE professional, with over 15years experience both in Africa and the GCC. What chances do I stand emigrating to Australia for work?

    1. UBOH Sylvester

      I am a Driver by profession for over 8year now who lives and work in Lagos Nigeria. Please i am looking for Visa Sponsorship job in Car/ Truck driving in any industry and i am ready to relocate to Australia asap.
      Please what options do i have?
      Contact: Ub*************@gm***.com

  18. Vikum

    I am a visual Artist and I am looking for a set design or artist job in Australia

  19. Willchard Nyatsanza

    I am a bricklayer looking for opportunities in australia

  20. Nomkhosi

    Hi. I’m Nomkhosi Mncube. I have a Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting. I have 5 years experience as a bookkeeper. I would love to work in Australia. I’m looking for Accounts Payable or Receivable Job or Bookkeeping.

  21. Boaz Kashito

    Hello there!
    Great platform to be.
    Am a Mechanical Fitter and Turner, with 6 years of demonstrated work experience in the minerals Processing industry.
    Am scouting for similar roles, ready to take up challenging opportunities and thrive within great teams.
    Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Susan

      Hello my name is Susan am a dental assistant looking for a job any leads of sponsorship

  22. Olaleye Abiodun Oluwatosin

    Hello, I will be glad if I can have a response please, I really want to go for this opportunity and I will appreciate any assistance till the end of the processing in other to avoid any mistakes, kindly please take me through and guide me till the visa is out. Thank you

  23. Coy Suarez

    Hi, keen to know if there’s an option for me to work in Au. I have 17 years of overall experience in both office and field provision jobs in the telecom and IT industry. Experienced in handling and supporting projects and have a supervisory to managerial level. certified professional in Six Sigma, TQM, and project/program management.

    Thank you and be well. Cheers!

  24. Swrang Daimary

    Hi chefs I’m interested for Dcdp / CDP 10 yrs of experience. Looking forward for right opportunity. Thank you

  25. Wangare


    Do you also assist students already in Australia to get jobs, and if so, what are your recommendations?

  26. Wangare Kiama


    Do you also assist students already in Australia to get jobs, and if so, what are your recommendations?

  27. Pio

    I am an Electrician with a trade test I submitted my documents to Vetassess am still waiting for the results

  28. Royd Chigali

    Looking for full visa sponsored employment in Mining, Railways, Off-Shore On-Shore Drilling Rig and Oil and Gas and Marine Industries especially in rural remote areas, Check my LinkedIn Profile, Email: ro*********@gm***.com and Phone: +260979642474/+260954392544.

  29. Collen Puraze

    Am looking for an opportunity as a Plumber and fully qualified and have experience, looking for a Visa sponsored job

  30. Hanzala Awan

    looking for a job as “Electrical Engineer” Role.
    having 6 years of experience in Operation Management/SCADA operations/OCC/Power transmission, distribution/ Power system protections/ Power system Analysis/ Fault handling

  31. Odueyingbo

    Interested in working in Australia, I have more than 5yrs of experience in marketing/sale, procurement, and government community officer,
    A permanent permit for myself and my family is acceptable

  32. Usenio Varayame

    Hi, I am currently employed here in Fiji at United Container Fiji Limited as a Container Repairer willing to come and work in Australia at any container depot and to demonstrate my skills and gain more experience in the field.
    Am currently looking for someone sponsor me.
    Thank you

  33. Dawood Shahzad

    I am an experienced early Childhood teacher and I’m looking for a job with sponsorship. Can u assist please

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