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Decoding Australia’s Skills Lists A Guide to MLTSSL STSOL ROL

Decoding Australia’s Skills Lists: A Guide to MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL

Making a leap and moving to another country is a massive decision, and getting all your facts straight is so important. Australia, known for its amazing lifestyle, rich culture, and many job opportunities, has always been a favourite among folks looking to start a new chapter. If the Land Down Under is on your radar, your first pit stop should be understanding how your skills align with what’s in demand in the Australian job market.

Enter the Australian skills lists – the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), and the Regional Occupation List (ROL). These aren’t just random lists; they’re the pillars that support Australia’s skilled migration program. They’re your cheat sheets to what skills and jobs Australia is on the hunt for.

This guide is here to help you decode these lists and see where you fit into the grand scheme of Australian immigration. We’ll be taking a deep dive into the MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL, making your journey to understanding the ins and outs of Australian immigration much simpler. With this knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to see how your skills might fit into the Australian job market and enhance your chances of making your Aussie dream a reality.

Are you an experienced professional aiming for a strategic career shift or a fresh grad craving for international exposure? No matter where you’re at in your career, these in-demand skills lists are your secret weapon in mapping out your future.

With this guide, we’re here to help you take that first step towards living and working in Australia. We will break down the complex parts, explain the processes, and equip you with the knowledge to make the best decision for your migration plans.

So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Stick around as we delve into the MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL lists – your personal roadmap to a successful life in Australia.

Understanding Immigration to Australia

With its booming economy, high quality of life, and breathtaking landscapes, Australia has always been a top pick for skilled workers itching for a new adventure. But the journey to migrating to Australia starts with getting a good grip on its immigration system.

Australia’s immigration process is structured in a way that it’s all about attracting the best of the best from all over the world. It operates on a points-based system, spotlighting those with in-demand skills.

This is where the Australian Government’s skilled occupation lists – the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), and the Regional Occupation List (ROL) – come in. They’re essentially your guidebooks, spelling out which jobs are hot in Australia right now.

From engineers to nurses, software developers to teachers, and tradies, understanding how your skills align with Australia’s needs is your key to a smoother immigration process. It’s crucial for snagging that visa and gives you a bird’s eye view of your job prospects and future career growth in Australia.

In this guide, we will dig deep into these skills lists, explain what they’re all about, how they’re updated, and how you can navigate them. We’ll also discuss how these lists fit into the bigger picture of applying for an Australian visa.

As we shed light on Australia’s immigration system, we’ll help you pave your path to the Australian Dream. Always remember the more you understand the system, the easier your immigration journey will be.

The Skills In Demand Lists

With Australia being so vast and diverse, the demand for skills can vary wildly from one sector or region to another. To manage these differences and meet Australia’s labour market needs in the best way possible, the Australian Government doesn’t just have one but three distinct lists that keep track of what skills are in demand: the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), and the Regional Occupation List (ROL).

These lists are tailored to meet the specific needs of Australia’s economy at various levels. They provide a comprehensive snapshot of the labour market, helping the government balance the workforce and guide potential immigrants to where their skills are most needed. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each list entails:

Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL):

This list is all about jobs that Australia needs in the long run. These roles usually require a higher level of qualifications or a lot of experience. They are expected to remain in demand due to factors like an ageing population, global market trends, and advancing technology.

Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL):

The STSOL focuses more on the here and now. It includes jobs that are in high demand for specific projects or events or due to sudden changes in the market.

Regional Occupation List (ROL):

The ROL acknowledges that what’s needed in regional Australia can differ from what’s needed in the big cities. It lists the jobs that are in demand, specifically in regional and rural areas, which might face unique challenges in attracting and retaining skilled workers.

Overall, the MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL paint a full picture of Australia’s diverse skills needs. They’re your chance to understand where your skills could fit in the Australian job market and play a crucial role in helping thousands of individuals and families achieve their migration dreams every year.

How to interpret the information on Australian occupations lists

When you’re checking out the MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL lists, you’ll want to know several key pieces of information. Here’s what you’ll usually find:

  1. Occupation Name: This is the name of the profession or job that’s in demand. It’s usually pretty specific – for instance, “Civil Engineer” or “Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)” rather than just “Engineer” or “Nurse”. The more specific your skill set matches the occupation, the better.
  2. ANZSCO Code: ANZSCO stands for Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations. Each occupation has a unique ANZSCO code, which is a six-digit number that identifies and categorises occupations. For example, the code for a Software Engineer is 261313. It’s important to ensure you use the correct ANZSCO code when applying for a visa, as it plays a key role in the application process.
  3. Assessing Authority: The assessing authority is the organisation that assesses your skills to determine if they are relevant and equivalent to the Australian standard for your chosen occupation. Each occupation has its own designated assessing authority. For instance, engineers might be assessed by Engineers Australia, while IT professionals could be assessed by the Australian Computer Society.

So, when you’re checking these lists, ensure you’re looking at all of these details – they’re all key parts of your visa application process. Remember, the more accurately you can match your skills and qualifications to a specific occupation on these lists, the better your chances of success in the Australian immigration process.

Getting to grips with these lists is a vital first step in your Australian immigration journey, showing you a clear path to a prosperous career and life in Australia. So, let’s dive right in and see how they can help you achieve your dreams of moving Down Under.

Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

Let’s start our journey with a deep dive into the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, or the MLTSSL, as it’s more commonly known. If you dream of living and working in Australia, getting to know this list is like finding a secret map to a treasure trove of opportunities.

Think of the MLTSSL as Australia’s wish list for the future. It’s a snapshot of the occupations Australia needs now and expects to need in the coming years. Picture it this way: if Australia was throwing a party and could only invite certain occupations, these would be the guests of honour.

But how does an occupation score an invite to this exclusive party? It’s all based on careful analysis. Australia looks at current demand, future projections, skill levels, and salaries. Are there enough local workers to meet demand? What about in the future? Will an ageing workforce impact the supply of workers? What skills and qualifications are needed for these roles? The MLTSSL takes all these factors into account.

You’ll find various occupations across industries like healthcare, engineering, IT, education, and many more on this list. These roles are crucial to Australia’s economic growth and societal wellbeing and are expected to stay in demand in the future.

So, what’s in it for you? If your occupation is on the MLTSSL, it’s like Australia rolling out the red carpet for you. It means your skills are needed, and it can increase your chances of getting a visa. It could unlock doors to visas like the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491). These visas could be your golden tickets to living and working in Australia.

But remember, while the MLTSSL is a great tool, being on the list isn’t a guaranteed visa pass. Each visa type has its own criteria, like age, English proficiency, work experience, etc. So, meeting all the necessary requirements is key.

In a nutshell, if you’re a skilled worker with the right qualifications, the MLTSSL can be your compass, guiding you on your Australian immigration journey. But, as with all things in life, change is the only constant. The MLTSSL is updated based on Australia’s evolving needs. So, staying updated is crucial to keep your Australian dream alive. Keep checking in for the latest updates because your occupation might be the next one to get that coveted invite to the MLTSSL party.

Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

Let’s shift gears now and talk about the Short-term Skilled Occupation List, or as we often call it, the STSOL. This list is sort of like the sibling to the MLTSSL, but it caters to Australia’s more immediate and short-term needs.

Picture this: Australia is hosting a major international sports event next year. They will need construction workers to build stadiums, IT specialists to ensure that all the tech is running smoothly, and chefs to satisfy the culinary demands of the visitors. Or, imagine that a city is launching a new tech hub, which creates an immediate demand for software engineers and project managers. This is where the STSOL comes in.

The STSOL is a dynamic list that captures these short-term demands. It covers a broad spectrum of occupations, from tradespeople to professionals, responding to market changes, upcoming projects, or events that drive a sudden increase in demand for certain roles.

While the occupations listed might vary – one day, it could be construction workers, engineers, or IT specialists, and another day chefs, social workers, or graphic designers – the purpose stays constant. The STSOL aims to fill the gaps in the Australian labour market where skills are needed urgently.

Just like the MLTSSL, the STSOL isn’t static. It’s updated periodically based on ongoing research, market trends, and industry consultations. Australia has its finger on the pulse, constantly monitoring and updating the STSOL to reflect the ever-changing dynamics of the labour market.

If your occupation is on the STSOL, it could open doors to visa options like the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) or the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482). These could be your tickets to living and working in Australia. But remember, as with all visa options, meeting additional criteria like language proficiency, qualifications, and work experience is necessary.

Keep a close eye on the STSOL; it’s like a window to the immediate opportunities in the Australian job market. If you’re flexible and ready to jump in where you’re needed most, this list could be your fast track to starting your Australian adventure.

Regional Occupation List (ROL)

Now, let’s hit the road and venture beyond Australia’s bustling cities. We’re talking about Australia’s regional areas – those beautiful towns and smaller cities brimming with community spirit and growth opportunities. Enter the Regional Occupation List, or as it’s known, the ROL.

You see, Australia’s regional areas are quite unique, and they have their own set of demands for skills and occupations. Maybe a small town has a growing wine industry that needs viticulturists. Or perhaps a coastal area is developing its tourism sector and needs resort managers. The ROL is all about these specifics. It’s a tailored list of in-demand occupations that are particularly needed in regional and rural parts of Australia.

But hey, the ROL isn’t just about job opportunities. Moving to a regional area can come with a whole bunch of benefits. Think about lower living costs, fewer traffic jams, close-knit communities, and some of the most breathtaking landscapes you’ve ever seen. It’s a lifestyle change that many find irresistible. The pace of life can be slower, the air cleaner, and the lifestyle more relaxed – it’s like a permanent vacation!

But don’t mistake ‘relaxed’ for ‘stagnant’. Australia’s regional areas are growing, evolving, and they need skilled people like you to contribute to their growth. They’re keen on attracting professionals, tradespeople, and skilled workers of all sorts to support their development.

Just like the MLTSSL and the STSOL, the ROL isn’t set in stone. It’s a living, breathing list that changes based on the needs of Australia’s regional labour markets. This ensures that the list reflects real-time trends and needs, making it an excellent tool for those considering regional Australia as their new home.

Remember, having your occupation on the ROL could pave the way for visa options such as the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491). This visa encourages migration to regional areas, offering permanent residency pathways for those willing to live and work in these areas.

So, if you find the allure of regional living appealing, the ROL could be your roadmap to a fulfilling career and a tranquil lifestyle in Australia’s charming regional areas. But remember, as with the other lists; it’s essential to keep an eye on the ROL updates to stay in tune with the latest opportunities. Keep dreaming big, and you might find yourself living an Australian regional dream.

Current Australia Occupations in Demand

We’ve talked a lot about the MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL lists, and you’re probably eager to see where your profession fits in. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the actual occupations currently in high demand in Australia.

Presented below is a comprehensive, alphabetically arranged list of occupations along with their respective ANZSCO codes and assessment bodies. We’ve also indicated which of the Australian skills in-demand lists – MLTSSL, STSOL, or ROL – each occupation appears on.

This user-friendly table is designed to help you quickly identify your profession and understand the demand for your skills in Australia. Take your time and scroll through the list to find your occupation. Remember, finding your profession on any of these lists could be a game-changer in your journey to living and working in Australia. Let’s get started!

Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing Authority List
1 accommodation and hospitality managers (nec) 141999 VETASSESS STSOL
2 accountant (general) 221111 (a) CPAA; or IPA or CAANZ MLTSSL
3 actuary 224111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
4 acupuncturist 252211 Chinese Medicine Board of Australia STSOL
5 advertising manager 131113 AIM STSOL
6 advertising specialist 225111 VETASSESS STSOL
7 aeronautical engineer 233911 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
8 aeroplane pilot 231111 CASA ROL
9 agricultural consultant 234111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
10 agricultural engineer 233912 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
11 agricultural scientist 234112 VETASSESS MLTSSL
12 agricultural technician 311111 VETASSESS ROL
13 airconditioning and mechanical services plumber 334112 TRA MLTSSL
14 airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic 342111 TRA MLTSSL
15 aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics) 323111 TRA STSOL
16 aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical) 323112 TRA STSOL
17 aircraft maintenance engineer (structures) 323113 TRA STSOL
18 ambulance officer 411111 VETASSESS STSOL
19 amusement centre manager 149111 VETASSESS ROL
20 anaesthetic technician 311211 VETASSESS STSOL
21 anaesthetist 253211 MedBA ROL
22 analyst programmer 261311 ACS MLTSSL
23 animal attendants and trainers (nec) 361199 VETASSESS STSOL
24 apiarist 121311 VETASSESS STSOL
25 aquaculture farmer 121111 VETASSESS ROL
26 arborist 362212 TRA STSOL
27 architect 232111 AACA MLTSSL
28 architectural draftsperson 312111 VETASSESS STSOL
29 architectural, building and surveying technicians (nec) 312199 VETASSESS STSOL
30 art teacher (private tuition) 249211 VETASSESS STSOL
31 artistic director 212111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
32 arts administrator or manager 139911 VETASSESS MLTSSL
33 audiologist 252711 VETASSESS MLTSSL
34 automotive electrician 321111 TRA MLTSSL
35 baker 351111 TRA STSOL
36 barrister 271111 a legal admissions authority of a State or Territory MLTSSL
37 beef cattle farmer 121312 VETASSESS ROL
38 biochemist 234513 VETASSESS MLTSSL
39 biomedical engineer 233913 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
40 biotechnologist 234514 VETASSESS MLTSSL
41 boat builder and repairer 399111 TRA MLTSSL
42 book or script editor 212212 VETASSESS STSOL
43 botanist 234515 VETASSESS MLTSSL
44 bricklayer 331111 TRA MLTSSL
45 building and engineering technicians (nec) 312999 (a) VETASSESS; or (b) Engineers Australia ROL
46 building inspector 312113 VETASSESS STSOL
47 business machine mechanic 342311 TRA STSOL
48 butcher or smallgoods maker 351211 TRA STSOL
49 cabinetmaker 394111 TRA MLTSSL
50 cabler (data and telecommunications) 342411 TRA STSOL
51 cafe or restaurant manager 141111 VETASSESS STSOL
52 camera operator (film, television or video) 399512 TRA STSOL
53 caravan park and camping ground manager 141211 VETASSESS ROL
54 cardiac technician 311212 VETASSESS STSOL
55 cardiologist 253312 MedBA MLTSSL
56 cardiothoracic surgeon 253512 MedBA MLTSSL
57 careers counsellor 272111 VETASSESS STSOL
58 carpenter 331212 TRA MLTSSL
59 carpenter and joiner 331211 TRA MLTSSL
60 cartographer 232213 VETASSESS MLTSSL
61 chef 351311 TRA MLTSSL
62 chemical engineer 233111 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
63 chemist 234211 VETASSESS MLTSSL
64 chemistry technician 311411 VETASSESS STSOL
65 child care centre manager 134111 ACECQA MLTSSL
66 chiropractor 252111 CCEA MLTSSL
67 cinema or theatre manager 149912 VETASSESS ROL
68 civil engineer 233211 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
69 civil engineering draftsperson 312211 (a) Engineers Australia; or (b) VETASSESS MLTSSL
70 civil engineering technician 312212 VETASSESS MLTSSL
71 clinical coder 599915 VETASSESS ROL
72 clinical haematologist 253313 MedBA MLTSSL
73 clinical psychologist 272311 APS MLTSSL
74 commodities trader 222111 VETASSESS STSOL
75 community arts worker 272611 VETASSESS ROL
76 community worker 411711 ACWA STSOL
77 company secretary 221211 VETASSESS STSOL
78 complementary health therapists (nec) 252299 VETASSESS STSOL
79 computer network and systems engineer 263111 ACS MLTSSL
80 conference and event organiser 149311 VETASSESS STSOL
81 conservation officer 234311 VETASSESS ROL
82 conservator 234911 VETASSESS MLTSSL
83 construction estimator 312114 VETASSESS ROL
84 construction project manager 133111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
85 contract administrator 511111 VETASSESS STSOL
86 cook 351411 TRA STSOL
87 copywriter 212411 VETASSESS STSOL
88 corporate services manager 132111 VETASSESS STSOL
89 cotton grower 121211 VETASSESS ROL
90 counsellors (nec) 272199 VETASSESS STSOL
91 crop farmers (nec) 121299 VETASSESS ROL
92 customer service manager 149212 VETASSESS STSOL
93 dairy cattle farmer 121313 VETASSESS ROL
94 dance teacher (private tuition) 249212 VETASSESS STSOL
95 dancer or choreographer 211112 VETASSESS MLTSSL
96 database administrator 262111 ACS STSOL
97 deer farmer 121314 VETASSESS ROL
98 dental hygienist 411211 VETASSESS ROL
99 dental specialist 252311 ADC STSOL
100 dental technician 411213 TRA STSOL
101 dental therapist 411214 VETASSESS ROL
102 dentist 252312 ADC ROL
103 dermatologist 253911 MedBA MLTSSL
104 developer programmer 261312 ACS MLTSSL
105 diagnostic and interventional radiologist 253917 MedBA MLTSSL
106 diesel motor mechanic 321212 TRA MLTSSL
107 dietitian 251111 DAA STSOL
108 director (film, television, radio or stage) 212312 VETASSESS STSOL
109 disabilities services officer 411712 ACWA STSOL
110 diversional therapist 411311 VETASSESS STSOL
111 diving instructor (open water) 452311 VETASSESS STSOL
112 dog handler or trainer 361111 VETASSESS STSOL
113 drainer 334113 TRA MLTSSL
114 dressmaker or tailor 393213 TRA STSOL
115 driving instructor 451211 VETASSESS ROL
116 drug and alcohol counsellor 272112 VETASSESS STSOL
117 early childhood (pre‑primary school) teacher 241111 AITSL MLTSSL
118 earth science technician 311412 VETASSESS STSOL
119 economist 224311 VETASSESS MLTSSL
120 education adviser 249111 VETASSESS STSOL
121 education managers (nec) 134499 VETASSESS STSOL
122 educational psychologist 272312 APS MLTSSL
123 electrical engineer 233311 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
124 electrical engineering draftsperson 312311 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
125 electrical engineering technician 312312 TRA MLTSSL
126 electrical linesworker 342211 TRA ROL
127 electrician (general) 341111 TRA MLTSSL
128 electrician (special class) 341112 TRA MLTSSL
129 electronic equipment trades worker 342313 TRA MLTSSL
130 electronic instrument trades worker (general) 342314 TRA MLTSSL
131 electronic instrument trades worker (special class) 342315 TRA MLTSSL
132 electronics engineer 233411 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
133 emergency medicine specialist 253912 MedBA MLTSSL
134 emergency service worker 441211 VETASSESS ROL
135 endocrinologist 253315 MedBA MLTSSL
136 engineering manager 133211 (a) Engineers Australia; or (b) AIM MLTSSL
137 engineering professionals (nec) 233999 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
138 engineering technologist 233914 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
139 enrolled nurse 411411 ANMAC STSOL
140 environmental consultant 234312 VETASSESS MLTSSL
141 environmental engineer 233915 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
142 environmental health officer 251311 VETASSESS ROL
143 environmental manager 139912 VETASSESS MLTSSL
144 environmental research scientist 234313 VETASSESS MLTSSL
145 environmental scientist (nec) 234399 VETASSESS MLTSSL
146 exercise physiologist 234915 VETASSESS ROL
147 external auditor 221213 (a) CPAA; or IPA or CAANZ MLTSSL
148 facilities manager 149913 VETASSESS STSOL
149 family and marriage counsellor 272113 VETASSESS STSOL
150 family support worker 411713 ACWA STSOL
151 farrier 322113 TRA STSOL
152 fashion designer 232311 VETASSESS STSOL
153 fibrous plasterer 333211 TRA MLTSSL
154 film and video editor 212314 VETASSESS STSOL
155 finance broker 222112 VETASSESS STSOL
156 finance manager 132211 (a) CPAA; or IPA or CAANZ STSOL
157 financial brokers (nec) 222199 VETASSESS STSOL
158 financial dealers (nec) 222299 VETASSESS STSOL
159 financial institution branch manager 149914 VETASSESS ROL
160 financial investment adviser 222311 VETASSESS STSOL
161 financial investment manager 222312 VETASSESS STSOL
162 financial market dealer 222211 VETASSESS STSOL
163 first aid trainer 451815 VETASSESS ROL
164 fitness centre manager 149112 VETASSESS ROL
165 fitter (general) 323211 TRA MLTSSL
166 fitter and turner 323212 TRA MLTSSL
167 fitter‑welder 323213 TRA MLTSSL
168 flight attendant 451711 VETASSESS ROL
169 floor finisher 332111 TRA ROL
170 florist 362111 TRA STSOL
171 flower grower 121212 VETASSESS STSOL
172 flying instructor 231113 VETASSESS ROL
173 food technologist 234212 VETASSESS MLTSSL
174 footballer 452411 VETASSESS MLTSSL
175 forester 234113 VETASSESS MLTSSL
176 fruit or nut grower 121213 VETASSESS ROL
177 funeral workers (nec) 451399 VETASSESS ROL
178 furniture finisher 394211 TRA STSOL
179 gallery or museum curator 224212 VETASSESS STSOL
180 gardener (general) 362211 TRA STSOL
181 gas or petroleum operator 399212 TRA ROL
182 gasfitter 334114 TRA MLTSSL
183 gastroenterologist 253316 MedBA MLTSSL
184 general practitioner 253111 MedBA MLTSSL
185 geologist 234411 VETASSESS STSOL
186 geophysicist 234412 VETASSESS MLTSSL
187 geotechnical engineer 233212 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
188 glazier 333111 TRA MLTSSL
189 goat farmer 121315 VETASSESS ROL
190 grain, oilseed or pasture grower (Aus)/field crop grower (NZ) 121214 VETASSESS ROL
191 grape grower 121215 VETASSESS STSOL
192 graphic designer 232411 VETASSESS STSOL
193 greenkeeper 362311 TRA STSOL
194 gymnastics coach or instructor 452312 VETASSESS STSOL
195 hairdresser 391111 TRA STSOL
196 hardware technician 313111 TRA STSOL
197 health and welfare services managers (nec) 134299 VETASSESS STSOL
198 health diagnostic and promotion professionals (nec) 251999 VETASSESS STSOL
199 health information manager 224213 VETASSESS STSOL
200 health promotion officer 251911 VETASSESS STSOL
201 helicopter pilot 231114 CASA ROL
202 horse breeder

203 horse riding coach or instructor 452313 VETASSESS STSOL
204 horse trainer 361112 TRA MLTSSL
205 hospital pharmacist 251511 APharmC STSOL
206 hotel or motel manager 141311 VETASSESS STSOL
207 human resource adviser 223111 VETASSESS ROL
208 human resource manager 132311 AIM STSOL
209 hydrogeologist 234413 VETASSESS MLTSSL
210 ICT account manager 225211 VETASSESS STSOL
211 ICT business analyst 261111 ACS MLTSSL
212 ICT business development manager 225212 VETASSESS STSOL
213 ICT customer support officer 313112 TRA STSOL
214 ICT managers (nec) 135199 ACS STSOL
215 ICT project manager 135112 ACS STSOL
216 ICT quality assurance engineer 263211 ACS STSOL
217 ICT sales representative 225213 VETASSESS STSOL
218 ICT security specialist 262112 ACS MLTSSL
219 ICT support and test engineers (nec) 263299 ACS STSOL
220 ICT support engineer 263212 ACS STSOL
221 ICT support technicians (nec) 313199 TRA STSOL
222 ICT systems test engineer 263213 ACS STSOL
223 ICT trainer 223211 ACS STSOL
224 illustrator 232412 VETASSESS STSOL
225 industrial designer 232312 VETASSESS STSOL
226 industrial engineer 233511 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
227 industrial pharmacist 251512 VETASSESS STSOL
228 information and organisation professionals (nec) 224999 VETASSESS STSOL
229 insurance agent 611211 VETASSESS STSOL
230 insurance broker 222113 VETASSESS STSOL
231 insurance loss adjuster 599612 VETASSESS STSOL
232 intellectual property lawyer 271214 VETASSESS ROL
233 intensive care ambulance paramedic 411112 VETASSESS STSOL
234 intensive care specialist 253317 MedBA MLTSSL
235 interior designer 232511 VETASSESS STSOL
236 internal auditor 221214 VETASSESS MLTSSL
237 interpreter 272412 NAATI STSOL
238 jeweller 399411 TRA STSOL
239 jewellery designer 232313 VETASSESS STSOL
240 jockey 452413 TRA ROL
241 joiner 331213 TRA MLTSSL
242 journalists and other writers (nec) 212499 VETASSESS STSOL
243 judicial and other legal professionals (nec) 271299 VETASSESS STSOL
244 laboratory manager 139913 VETASSESS STSOL
245 land economist 224511 VETASSESS MLTSSL
246 landscape architect 232112 VETASSESS MLTSSL
247 landscape gardener 362213 TRA STSOL
248 liaison officer 224912 VETASSESS ROL
249 librarian 224611 VETASSESS STSOL
250 life science technician 311413 VETASSESS STSOL
251 life scientist (general) 234511 VETASSESS MLTSSL
252 life scientists (nec) 234599 VETASSESS MLTSSL
253 lift mechanic 341113 TRA MLTSSL
254 livestock farmers (nec) 121399 VETASSESS ROL
255 locksmith 323313 TRA MLTSSL
256 maintenance planner 312911 VETASSESS ROL
257 make up artist 399514 TRA STSOL
258 management accountant 221112 (a) CPAA; or IPA or CAANZ MLTSSL
259 management consultant 224711 VETASSESS MLTSSL
260 manufacturer 133411 VETASSESS STSOL
261 marine biologist 234516 VETASSESS MLTSSL
262 market research analyst 225112 VETASSESS ROL
263 marketing specialist 225113 VETASSESS STSOL
264 massage therapist 411611 VETASSESS STSOL
265 materials engineer 233112 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
266 mathematician 224112 VETASSESS STSOL
267 meat inspector 311312 VETASSESS STSOL
268 mechanical engineer 233512 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
269 mechanical engineering draftsperson 312511 Engineers Australia ROL
270 mechanical engineering technician 312512 TRA STSOL
271 medical administrator 134211 VETASSESS ROL
272 medical diagnostic radiographer 251211 ASMIRT MLTSSL
273 medical laboratory scientist 234611 AIMS MLTSSL
274 medical laboratory technician 311213 AIMS STSOL
275 medical oncologist 253314 MedBA MLTSSL
276 medical practitioners (nec) 253999 MedBA MLTSSL
277 medical radiation therapist 251212 ASMIRT MLTSSL
278 medical technicians (nec) 311299 VETASSESS STSOL
279 metal fabricator 322311 TRA MLTSSL
280 metal fitters and machinists (nec) 323299 TRA STSOL
281 metal machinist (first class) 323214 TRA MLTSSL
282 metallurgical or materials technician 312912 VETASSESS STSOL
283 metallurgist 234912 VETASSESS MLTSSL
284 meteorologist 234913 VETASSESS MLTSSL
285 microbiologist 234517 VETASSESS MLTSSL
286 middle school teacher (Aus) / intermediate school teacher (NZ) 241311 AITSL STSOL
287 midwife 254111 ANMAC MLTSSL
288 mine deputy 312913 VETASSESS STSOL
289 mining engineer (excluding petroleum) 233611 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
290 mixed crop and livestock farmer 121411 VETASSESS ROL
291 mixed crop farmer 121216 VETASSESS ROL
292 mixed livestock farmer 121317 VETASSESS ROL
293 motor mechanic (general) 321211 TRA MLTSSL
294 motorcycle mechanic 321213 TRA MLTSSL
295 multimedia designer 232413 VETASSESS ROL
296 multimedia specialist 261211 ACS MLTSSL
297 music director 211212 VETASSESS MLTSSL
298 music professionals (nec) 211299 VETASSESS STSOL
299 music teacher (private tuition) 249214 VETASSESS STSOL
300 musician (instrumental) 211213 VETASSESS MLTSSL
301 natural and physical science professionals (nec) 234999 VETASSESS MLTSSL
302 naturopath 252213 VETASSESS STSOL
303 naval architect 233916 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
304 network administrator 263112 ACS STSOL
305 network analyst 263113 ACS STSOL
306 neurologist 253318 MedBA MLTSSL
307 neurosurgeon 253513 MedBA MLTSSL
308 newspaper or periodical editor 212412 VETASSESS STSOL
309 nuclear medicine technologist 251213 ANZSNM MLTSSL
310 nurse educator 254211 ANMAC STSOL
311 nurse manager 254311 ANMAC STSOL
312 nurse practitioner 254411 ANMAC MLTSSL
313 nurse researcher 254212 ANMAC STSOL
314 nurseryperson 362411 TRA ROL
315 nursing clinical director 134212 ANMAC MLTSSL
316 nutritionist 251112 VETASSESS STSOL
317 obstetrician and gynaecologist 253913 MedBA MLTSSL
318 occupational health and safety adviser 251312 VETASSESS STSOL
319 occupational therapist 252411 OTC MLTSSL
320 operating theatre technician 311214 VETASSESS ROL
321 ophthalmologist 253914 MedBA MLTSSL
322 optometrist 251411 OCANZ MLTSSL
323 organisation and methods analyst 224712 VETASSESS STSOL
324 organisational psychologist 272313 APS MLTSSL
325 orthopaedic surgeon 253514 MedBA MLTSSL
326 orthoptist 251412 VETASSESS STSOL
327 orthotist or prosthetist 251912 AOPA MLTSSL
328 osteopath 252112 AOAC MLTSSL
329 other spatial scientist 232214 VETASSESS MLTSSL
330 other sports coach or instructor 452317 VETASSESS STSOL
331 otorhinolaryngologist 253515 MedBA MLTSSL
332 paediatric surgeon 253516 MedBA MLTSSL
333 paediatrician 253321 MedBA MLTSSL
334 painting trades worker 332211 TRA MLTSSL
335 panelbeater 324111 TRA MLTSSL
336 pastrycook 351112 TRA STSOL
337 patents examiner 224914 VETASSESS STSOL
338 pathologist 253915 MedBA MLTSSL
339 pathology collector 311216 AIMS ROL
340 performing arts technicians (nec) 399599 VETASSESS STSOL
341 petroleum engineer 233612 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
342 pharmacy technician 311215 VETASSESS STSOL
343 photographer 211311 VETASSESS STSOL
344 physicist 234914 the assessing authority for the occupation under subsection (2) MLTSSL
345 physiotherapist 252511 APC MLTSSL
346 pig farmer 121318 VETASSESS ROL
347 plastic and reconstructive surgeon 253517 MedBA MLTSSL
348 plumber (general) 334111 TRA MLTSSL
349 podiatrist 252611 PodBA MLTSSL
350 policy analyst 224412 VETASSESS ROL
351 policy and planning manager 132411 VETASSESS ROL
352 post office manager 142115 VETASSESS ROL
353 poultry farmer 121321 VETASSESS STSOL
354 power generation plant operator 399213 TRA STSOL
355 precision instrument maker and repairer 323314 TRA STSOL
356 pressure welder 322312 TRA MLTSSL
357 primary health organisation manager 134213 VETASSESS MLTSSL
358 primary products inspectors (nec) 311399 VETASSESS STSOL
359 primary school teacher 241213 AITSL STSOL
360 print finisher 392111 TRA STSOL
361 print journalist 212413 VETASSESS STSOL
362 printing machinist 392311 TRA STSOL
363 private tutors and teachers (nec) 249299 VETASSESS STSOL
364 procurement manager 133612 AIM ROL
365 production manager (forestry) 133511 VETASSESS STSOL
366 production manager (manufacturing) 133512 VETASSESS STSOL
367 production manager (mining) 133513 VETASSESS STSOL
368 production or plant engineer 233513 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
369 program director (television or radio) 212315 VETASSESS STSOL
370 program or project administrator 511112 VETASSESS STSOL
371 project builder 133112 VETASSESS ROL
372 property manager 612112 VETASSESS ROL
373 psychiatrist 253411 MedBA MLTSSL
374 psychologists (nec) 272399 APS MLTSSL
375 psychotherapist 272314 VETASSESS STSOL
376 public relations manager 131114 AIM ROL
377 public relations professional 225311 VETASSESS STSOL
378 quality assurance manager 139914 VETASSESS STSOL
379 quantity surveyor 233213 AIQS MLTSSL
380 radiation oncologist 253918 MedBA MLTSSL
381 radio communications technician 313211 TRA MLTSSL
382 real estate representative 612115 VETASSESS ROL
383 records manager 224214 VETASSESS STSOL
384 recreation officer 272612 VETASSESS STSOL
385 recruitment consultant 223112 VETASSESS STSOL
386 regional education manager 134412 VETASSESS ROL
387 registered nurse (aged care) 254412 ANMAC MLTSSL
388 registered nurse (child and family health) 254413 ANMAC MLTSSL
389 registered nurse (community health) 254414 ANMAC MLTSSL
390 registered nurse (critical care and emergency) 254415 ANMAC MLTSSL
391 registered nurse (developmental disability) 254416 ANMAC MLTSSL
392 registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation) 254417 ANMAC MLTSSL
393 registered nurse (medical practice) 254421 ANMAC MLTSSL
394 registered nurse (medical) 254418 ANMAC MLTSSL
395 registered nurse (mental health) 254422 ANMAC MLTSSL
396 registered nurse (paediatrics) 254425 ANMAC MLTSSL
397 registered nurse (perioperative) 254423 ANMAC MLTSSL
398 registered nurse (surgical) 254424 ANMAC MLTSSL
399 registered nurses (nec) 254499 ANMAC MLTSSL
400 rehabilitation counsellor 272114 VETASSESS STSOL
401 renal medicine specialist 253322 MedBA MLTSSL
402 research and development manager 132511 VETASSESS STSOL
403 resident medical officer 253112 MedBA STSOL
404 residential care officer 411715 ACWA STSOL
405 retail buyer 639211 VETASSESS STSOL
406 retail pharmacist 251513 APharmC STSOL
407 rheumatologist 253323 MedBA MLTSSL
408 roof plumber 334115 TRA MLTSSL
409 roof tiler 333311 TRA STSOL
410 safety inspector 312611 VETASSESS ROL
411 sales and marketing manager 131112 AIM STSOL
412 school principal 134311 VETASSESS STSOL
413 science technicians (nec) 311499 VETASSESS STSOL
414 secondary school teacher 241411 AITSL MLTSSL
415 sheep farmer 121322 VETASSESS ROL
416 sheetmetal trades worker 322211 TRA MLTSSL
417 ship’s master 231213 AMSA ROL
418 shipwright 399112 TRA MLTSSL
419 signwriter 399611 TRA STSOL
420 small engine mechanic 321214 TRA MLTSSL
421 snowsport instructor 452314 VETASSESS STSOL
422 social professionals (nec) 272499 VETASSESS STSOL
423 social worker 272511 AASW MLTSSL
424 software and applications programmers (nec) 261399 ACS MLTSSL
425 software engineer 261313 ACS MLTSSL
426 software tester 261314 ACS STSOL
427 solicitor 271311 a legal admissions authority of a State or Territory MLTSSL
428 solid plasterer 333212 TRA MLTSSL
429 sonographer 251214 ASMIRT MLTSSL
430 sound technician 399516 TRA STSOL
431 special education teachers (nec) 241599 AITSL MLTSSL
432 special needs teacher 241511 AITSL MLTSSL
433 specialist managers (nec) except: (a) ambassador; or (b) archbishop; or (c) bishop 139999 VETASSESS STSOL
434 specialist physician (general medicine) 253311 MedBA MLTSSL
435 specialist physicians (nec) 253399 MedBA MLTSSL
436 speech pathologist 252712 SPA MLTSSL
437 sports administrator 139915 VETASSESS ROL
438 sports centre manager 149113 VETASSESS ROL
439 sports development officer 452321 VETASSESS STSOL
440 sportspersons (nec) 452499 VETASSESS STSOL
441 stage manager 212316 VETASSESS STSOL
442 statistician 224113 VETASSESS MLTSSL
443 stockbroking dealer 222213 VETASSESS STSOL
444 stonemason 331112 TRA MLTSSL
445 structural engineer 233214 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
446 student counsellor 272115 VETASSESS STSOL
447 sugar cane grower 121217 VETASSESS ROL
448 supply and distribution manager 133611 AIM STSOL
449 surgeon (general) 253511 MedBA MLTSSL
450 surveying or spatial science technician 312116 VETASSESS ROL
451 surveyor 232212 SSSI MLTSSL
452 swimming coach or instructor 452315 VETASSESS STSOL
453 systems administrator 262113 ACS STSOL
454 systems analyst 261112 ACS MLTSSL
455 taxation accountant 221113 (a) CPAA; or IPA or CAANZ MLTSSL
456 teacher of English to speakers of other languages 249311 VETASSESS STSOL
457 teacher of the hearing impaired 241512 AITSL MLTSSL
458 teacher of the sight impaired 241513 AITSL MLTSSL
459 technical cable jointer 342212 TRA MLTSSL
460 technical director 212317 VETASSESS STSOL
461 technical sales representatives (nec) including education sales representatives 225499 VETASSESS STSOL
462 technical writer 212415 VETASSESS STSOL
463 telecommunications engineer 263311 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
464 telecommunications field engineer 313212 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
465 telecommunications linesworker 342413 TRA STSOL
466 telecommunications network engineer 263312 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
467 telecommunications network planner 313213 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
468 telecommunications technical officer or technologist 313214 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
469 television journalist 212416 VETASSESS STSOL
470 tennis coach 452316 VETASSESS MLTSSL
471 thoracic medicine specialist 253324 MedBA MLTSSL
472 toolmaker 323412 TRA STSOL
473 traditional Chinese medicine practitioner 252214 Chinese Medicine Board of Australia STSOL
474 translator 272413 NAATI ROL
475 transport company manager 149413 VETASSESS STSOL
476 transport engineer 233215 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
477 university lecturer 242111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
478 upholsterer 393311 TRA STSOL
479 urban and regional planner 232611 VETASSESS STSOL
480 urologist 253518 MedBA MLTSSL
481 valuer 224512 VETASSESS MLTSSL
482 vascular surgeon 253521 MedBA MLTSSL
483 vegetable grower (Aus)/market gardener (NZ) 121221 VETASSESS STSOL
484 vehicle body builder 324211 TRA STSOL
485 vehicle painter 324311 TRA ROL
486 vehicle trimmer 324212 TRA STSOL
487 veterinarian 234711 AVBC MLTSSL
488 veterinary nurse 361311 VETASSESS STSOL
489 video producer 212318 VETASSESS STSOL
490 vocational education teacher 242211 See subsection (2) ROL
491 wall and floor tiler 333411 TRA MLTSSL
492 web administrator 313113 ACS STSOL
493 web designer 232414 VETASSESS STSOL
494 web developer 261212 ACS STSOL
495 welder (first class) 322313 TRA MLTSSL
496 welfare centre manager 134214 ACWA MLTSSL
497 welfare worker 272613 ACWA STSOL
498 wine maker 234213 VETASSESS ROL
499 wood machinist 394213 TRA STSOL
500 wood machinists and other wood trades workers (nec) 394299 TRA STSOL
501 workplace relations adviser 223113 VETASSESS ROL
502 youth worker 411716 ACWA STSOL
503 zookeeper 361114 VETASSESS ROL
504 zoologist 234518 VETASSESS MLTSSL

Applying Based on In-Demand Skills

So, your occupation is on one of these key lists – that’s fantastic news! It means you’re in a prime position to consider some of Australia’s skilled visas. But you might be wondering, “Where do I start?” Well, your destination is the land Down Under and your ticket might just be the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, also known as the subclass 482 visa. It’s one of the top options you can consider, and it’s what our website,, specialises in.

The 482 visa is the go-to for those of you with a skilled job offer from an Australian employer who is ready and willing to sponsor you. This visa allows you to work in Australia temporarily and can even be a stepping stone towards permanent residency down the line. Plus, if your profession is on the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) or the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), you can apply for this visa.

Now, other visa options could be a good fit for you. For instance, the Skilled Independent visa or subclass 189 is another attractive option. This one’s perfect for highly skilled individuals who want to permanently live and work in Australia. What’s great about the 189 visa is that you don’t need a sponsor or family member in Australia to vouch for you. You must be under 45, have a profession on the MLTSSL, and score well on the points test.

The Skilled Employer-Sponsored visa or subclass 187 is also worth considering. It’s particularly suitable if you have a job offer in regional Australia with an employer who’s happy to sponsor your move. This visa allows you to work and live in some of Australia’s most picturesque locations, with the added perk of permanent residency.

It’s worth remembering that while your profession’s presence on an in-demand skills list can significantly boost your chances of securing a visa, it doesn’t guarantee it. Each visa has its unique application process and criteria you need to meet. But fear not, this is exactly what we’re here for at – to help you navigate these waters, understand the process, and get you closer to that Aussie dream!

Each step of this journey is exciting; remember, every great adventure starts with a first step. So why not take yours today?

My Occupation is not on the list.

Don’t lose hope if you’ve scrolled through the occupations list and haven’t spotted your profession. Australia’s skills demand constantly evolves, and new occupations can be added to the MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL lists over time. Regular updates are carried out, reflecting changes in the labour market and ensuring that Australia’s immigration intake continues to meet the country’s economic and societal needs.

Remember, while these lists guide Australia’s general skilled migration program, they’re not the only avenue for skilled workers to make their move Down Under.

Introducing DAMA

There’s a less known, yet equally significant, pathway for skilled migration: the Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA). DAMA is an agreement between the Australian Government and regional, state, or territory authorities designed to address specific labour market shortages within those regions.

The occupations listed under a DAMA are often broader and may include professions not found on the MLTSSL, STSOL, or ROL, such as opportunities for drivers. These agreements allow regional employers to sponsor overseas workers for positions they can’t fill locally, even in professions not listed on the mainstream skills lists.

So, if your occupation is not currently listed on the MLTSSL, STSOL, or ROL, it may still be in demand under a DAMA. Therefore, it’s worth investigating whether there are any DAMA arrangements in areas of Australia you would consider living and working in. Click Here for links to the current DAMA lists.

Staying Updated

Given the dynamic nature of the labour market, staying updated with changes in the in-demand skills lists is crucial. The Australian Department of Home Affairs website publishes regular updates, and subscribing to email alerts can ensure you’re notified of any changes.


We have covered a lot of ground today, haven’t we? We dove deep into Australia’s immigration system, explored the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), and the Regional Occupation List (ROL), and got a glimpse into the world of visas, particularly the subclass 482 visa. Now, let’s wrap things up, shall we?

Moving to Australia can be daunting, like trying to solve a puzzle with scattered pieces. However, you can combine those pieces with the right information and a good understanding of the in-demand skills lists. Each list acts as a roadmap guiding you through the Australian labour market, and understanding them can make your immigration journey much less overwhelming.

You are not alone in this adventure; with the insights we have shared in this guide, you are better equipped to embark on this journey. You have the tools and knowledge to navigate the intricate maze of Australian immigration, from understanding where your skills fit in the grand scheme to realizing how your profession can enhance your chances of securing the right visa. Perhaps the 482 visa we specialize in at

However, remember that it is not just about getting a visa and hopping on a plane. It is about laying the groundwork for your future, making informed decisions, and ultimately creating a fulfilling life in the land Down Under. That is why understanding the lists and the wider immigration system is crucial.

Ultimately, it is all about your dreams – a rewarding career, a high standard of living, a safe and vibrant community for your family, and maybe even a beachside BBQ or two! So, keep this guide handy, refer back to it as you navigate through your journey, and remember that your Australian dream is within reach.

At, we are here with you every step of the way, making your move to Australia as smooth as possible. Let us make your Australian dream a reality!

Resources and References

To further assist your journey, here are some additional resources:

Are you on the list?

So, you’ve dived deep into the world of Australian immigration, learnt about the MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL, and maybe, just maybe, spotted your profession on one of these lists. That’s fantastic news, and we’d love to hear about it!

In the comments section below, share with us what occupation you’ve found and on which list. Are you a software developer who saw their role on the MLTSSL? Maybe a nurse is listed on the STSOL? Or perhaps a construction worker whose role is in high demand in the regional areas, according to the ROL? We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Your journey to your Australian dream is not just yours but ours too. By sharing, you’re not just letting us be a part of your exciting journey but also encouraging and guiding countless others like you, dreaming of a fulfilling life Down Under. So don’t be shy; drop a line in the comments section. Your Australian story starts here, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!

And remember, if you’re looking at the subclass 482 visa, we at are here to help turn those dreams into reality. So let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Embrace Australia’s opportunities and embark on your journey towards a new life.

Note: With changes in the labour market and economy, the demand for certain skills may change over time. This guide provides an overview based on the current state of affairs. Always refer to the official Australian Government sources for the most recent information.

As with any immigration-related matters, consulting with an immigration expert or legal advisor for a specific situation is highly recommended.

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46 Comments - Add Yours Below!
      • Dear Sir/Madam
        I’m Robin Mandal, currently a SPass holder, working in an indoor farm in Singapore. My company is undergoing major operational changes that renders my employment invalid.
        I’ve strong experience in F&B, hospitality management and agritech. I’d like to seek a short interview to explore immediate employment opportunities with your company.

        Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

        Best regards
        Robin Kumar Mandal
        WhatsApp: +65 91946619

        • I have found my occupation in the list, Hospitality & tourism – STSOL & Company Secretary – STSOL. What is the next move?

      • I have found my area of specialisation.

        45 building and engineering technicians/312999/VETASSESS/ROL.

        84 Construction project manager/133111/VETASSESS/MLTSSL.

        491 Wall and floor tiler/333411/TRA/MLTSSL.

    • Hello and thank you for taking the time to comment

      For driver jobs, especially, it’s important to note that your experience aligns well with the opportunities available in Australia. You’ll need to find an employer willing to sponsor you for this visa. I recommend visiting our guide titled “Truck Driver Jobs in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide to Living and Working Down Under”. This guide is specifically designed for individuals like you and will provide detailed information on how to find sponsored driver positions, understand Australian driving regulations, and what steps to take next. You can access the guide at

      Additionally, for a broader search, our homepage at allows you to search for 482 Visa-related job listings and set up job alerts for relevant positions. Remember, securing a job with an employer willing to sponsor your visa is a crucial step in the application process for the 482 Visa.

      Best of luck with your job search, and I hope you find the perfect driving position in Australia!

    • electrical engineering technician 312312 TRA MLTSSL
      126 electrical linesworker 342211 TRA ROL
      127 electrician (general) 341111 TRA MLTSSL
      128 electrician (special class) 341112 TRA MLTSSL

      Experience and expertise and how to apply for the position and requirement. Electrician / electrical technician

  • Thanks alot for the good job of educating people on the Australian immigration.please am interested I saw my occupation on the list so what is next

  • I am a Secondary School Teacher, specialise in teaching Economics, Business Studies and English. 13 years teaching experience.

    • Dear admin

      I am a secretary. I found my job on the list. I can work for any administrative job be it a receptionist, invoicing clerk, purchasing clerk, personal assistant and secretary

  • Dear admin
    This is javad jahandideh,neurosurgeon from iran
    I understant I am in MLTSSL list,
    I wish I could work as a neurosurgeon in australia.
    Which visa do you recommend for me?
    189 or 482?
    How can i start the process?

  • I am an Health Care Support Worker, I have a Diploma in Caregiving and Health Care Assistance and I have valuable experience on the field. But I can’t seems to find my Occupation on the list. Is there an opportunity for someone like me to migrate to Australia? I so much love the country.

  • I am a 22 yrs experienced Civil Engineer and currently working as a Manager – Water Projects for CSs grade (highest grade) construction company in Sri Lanka. I am 48+ yrs old and seeking a job in Australia.

  • I have find job mechanical engineering draftsperson. Code:312511 (ROL) and mechanical engineering technician. Code:312512(STSOL)

  • Hi , it’s me Tika Ram Lamichhane, I have a more experience in my home country,now I want apply for job visa 482.actually I am 34 years old, I have 4 years experience on hotel,and factory sectors respectively.i need job.

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