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482 Visa School Fees

482 Visa School Fees: What You Will Pay In 2024

If you are relocating to Australia on a sponsored visa with school-aged children (typically five years or older), you will need to be familiar with 482 Visa School Fees as you’ll have to arrange for their schooling.

Depending on the state or territory, 482 Visa holders may have to pay school fees for their children to attend public schools. These fees can vary significantly, and understanding them is crucial when deciding where to live and work in Australia.

Moving to Australia on a 482 Visa brings exciting opportunities, but it also requires careful financial planning, especially if you have school-aged children. Did you know that school fees for 482 Visa holders can vary from $4,000 to over $16,000 annually depending on the state? Understanding these costs upfront can save you from unexpected financial strain.

Will I Have to Pay All of the School Fees?

It’s worth noting that some employers may be willing to cover the cost of school fees for 482 Visa holders as part of your job package. This can be a significant benefit, especially in states where fees are high. When negotiating your employment contract, bring up the possibility of including school fees in your compensation package. Highlight how this support can ease your financial burden and help ensure a smooth transition for your family, ultimately allowing you to focus more effectively on your new role.

Why Do 482 Visa Holders Need to Pay School Fees?

The rationale behind 482 Visa holders needing to pay school fees stems from the temporary nature of this visa category. The 482 Visa, also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, is designed to allow skilled workers to work in Australia for a limited period. Unlike permanent residents or citizens, temporary visa holders do not contribute to the Australian tax system in the same way over the long term. As a result, states and territories may impose school fees on temporary visa holders to offset the cost of providing public education to their children. This helps ensure that the public education system remains sustainable and can continue to provide high-quality services to all students.

What Are 482 Visa School Fees?

482 Visa School Fees are charges that apply to dependents of 482 Visa holders attending public schools in various Australian states and territories. These fees can be substantial, so it’s important to consider them when planning your move and negotiating your employment package.

482 Visa School Fees by Australian State

The school fees you will pay for your children will vary by Australian state. With this in mind, below you will find the current Australia 482 Visa School Fees

482 Visa School Fees in New South Wales (NSW) Payable In 2024

  • Primary School: $5,600 per year
  • Junior High School: $5,600 per year
  • Senior High School: $6,400 per year
  • Administration Fee: $110

482 Visa School Fees in Western Australia (WA) Payable In 2024

  • Annual Fee: $4,000 per family (regardless of the number of children)

482 Visa School Fees in South Australia (SA) Payable In 2024

  • Primary School: $5,300 per year
  • Secondary School: $6,400 per year
  • Fees apply to the eldest child, with a 10% discount for additional siblings. Fees only apply to the three youngest children in larger families.

482 Visa School Fees in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Payable In 2024

  • Years 7-10: $14,500 per year
  • Years 11-12: $16,200 per year
  • Application Fee: $265

482 Visa School Fees in Tasmania Payable In 2024

  • Full Year: $7,600
  • Weekly Fee: $190
  • School Levies: Approximately $300 – $750 per year

482 Visa School Fees in the Northern Territory, Queensland, and Victoria Payable In 2024

These states generally offer subsidized education to 482 Visa holders similar to permanent residents:

  • Northern Territory: No additional fees
  • Queensland: Fee waiver for 482 Visa holders’ dependents
  • Victoria: Typically exempt from school fees or eligible for subsidized education

What the 482 Visa School Fees Cover

These fees generally include:

  • Tuition costs
  • Student support services
  • Access to the state studies curriculum
  • Textbook hire
  • Student welfare and counselling services
  • English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) support
  • Access to TAFE subjects, if eligible

What the 482 Visa School Fees Do Not Cover

The fees do not cover:

  • School excursions
  • School uniforms
  • Student medical expenses
  • Subsidized travel under the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS)

Tips for Managing 482 Visa School Fees

Negotiating Your Job Package

When negotiating your salary, consider the potential school fees and discuss the possibility of your employer covering these costs.

Choosing the Right State

Research the school fee policies of each state and territory to find the most cost-effective option for your family.


Include school fees in your financial planning to avoid unexpected expenses.

482 Visa School Fees Breakdown for In 2024

State Primary School Junior High School Senior High School Additional Fees
NSW $5,600/year $5,600/year $6,400/year $110 admin fee
WA $4,000/family
SA $5,300/year $6,400/year 10% sibling discount
ACT $14,500/year $16,200/year $265 application fee
Tasmania $7,600/year $190 weekly fee
$300 – $750 school levies


Are 482 Visa holders required to pay school fees in all Australian states?

No, the requirement to pay school fees varies by state and territory. Some states, like Queensland and Victoria, offer subsidized education similar to that provided to permanent residents.

Can 482 Visa holders get any fee waivers for school fees?

In some states, yes. For example, Queensland offers a fee waiver for 482 Visa holders’ dependents.

Do school fees for 482 Visa holders cover all educational costs?

No, school fees generally cover tuition and basic educational services but do not include costs for excursions, uniforms, or medical expenses.

Are there any discounts available for families with multiple children?

Yes, some states, like South Australia, offer discounts for additional siblings, typically a 10% discount on fees for the eldest child.

Can the school fees be negotiated as part of a job package?

Yes, some employers may be willing to cover school fees as part of your job package, so it’s worth discussing during salary negotiations.

What happens to the school fees if I move states while on a 482 Visa?

School fees are specific to each state, so if you move, you will need to check the new state’s policies and fees for 482 Visa holders.


482 Visa School Fees can be a significant expense for families moving to Australia. Understanding the fees applicable in each state and planning accordingly can help you manage this cost-effectively. When negotiating your job package, consider these fees to potentially include them in your compensation. With the right planning and knowledge, you can ensure a smooth transition for your children’s education in Australia.

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