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2024 Australia Occupations List - Full - A-Z - MTLSSL - STSOL - ROL

2024 Australia Occupations List

Welcome to the 2024 Australia Occupations List, a meticulously curated directory designed to aid professionals in navigating the landscape of visa sponsorship opportunities in Australia.

This list is an indispensable tool for individuals looking to advance their careers on Australian shores, offering a clear and comprehensive overview of ALL eligible occupations across various sectors. Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of each column heading to help you understand and utilise the list to its fullest potential:

  • Occupation Name: This column lists the official title of each profession, providing a clear identifier for job roles recognized for visa sponsorship in Australia. Select the letter of the occupation you are searching for to view the drop down list.

  • ANZSCO Code: The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) Code is a unique number assigned to each occupation, serving as a standardized framework for classifying jobs. This code is crucial for identifying the specific role in accordance with Australian immigration policies.

    We invite you to Unlock the potential of Australia’s skilled migration program with our comprehensive guide on ANZSCO codes. Learn how to identify your unique code, evaluate your qualifications, and navigate job opportunities in Australia. Check out our Free guide: Understanding ANZSCO Codes: Your Key to Working in Australia

  • Assessing Body: This section identifies the authorized organization responsible for assessing the qualifications and skills of professionals in each listed occupation. The assessing body plays a vital role in the visa application process, ensuring candidates meet the necessary standards for their respective professions.

    Is a skills assessment required when applying for a Sponsored 482 Visa in Australia? Learn when a 482 Visa Requires A Skill Assessment and when it does not in our guide: Does a 482 Visa Require A Skill Assessment?

  • Occupation List: Each occupation is associated with one or more lists, such as the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), or the Regional Occupation List (ROL). This column specifies which list(s) an occupation appears on, indicating the visa sponsorship pathways available for that profession.

    If you need help decoding Australia’s in-demand skills lists – MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL. This guide simplifies these complex lists, paving the way for your successful immigration to Australia. Discover where your skills fit in Australia’s job market today!

    Check out our guide here: Decoding Australia’s Skills Lists: A Guide to MLTSSL, STSOL, and ROL

This guide aims to streamline your search for visa sponsorship opportunities in Australia, offering a clear path to identifying potential career moves and understanding the requirements for each. Whether you’re a skilled professional seeking long-term opportunities or looking for a short-term engagement, this list serves as your gateway to the Australian job market.

2024 A-Z Australia Occupations List

Below you will find the full list of occupations that qualify For Australia Visa Sponsorship in 2024. Please click the first letter of the occupation you are looking for to see if it is listed. 

Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
accommodation and hospitality managers (nec) 141999 VETASSESS STSOL
accountant (general) 221111 (a) CPAA; or (b) CAANZ; or (c) IPA MLTSSL
actuary 224111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
acupuncturist 252211 Chinese Medicine Board of Australia STSOL
advertising manager 131113 IML STSOL
advertising specialist 225111 VETASSESS STSOL
aeronautical engineer 233911 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
aeroplane pilot 231111 CASA ROL
agricultural consultant 234111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
agricultural engineer 233912 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
agricultural scientist 234112 VETASSESS MLTSSL
agricultural technician 311111 VETASSESS ROL
airconditioning and mechanical services plumber 334112 TRA MLTSSL
airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic 342111 TRA MLTSSL
aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics) 323111 TRA STSOL
aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical) 323112 TRA STSOL
aircraft maintenance engineer (structures) 323113 TRA STSOL
ambulance officer 411111 VETASSESS STSOL
amusement centre manager 149111 VETASSESS ROL
anaesthetic technician 311211 VETASSESS STSOL
anaesthetist 253211 MedBA ROL
analyst programmer 261311 ACS MLTSSL
animal attendants and trainers (nec) 361199 VETASSESS STSOL
apiarist 121311 VETASSESS STSOL
aquaculture farmer 121111 VETASSESS ROL
arborist 362212 TRA STSOL
architect 232111 AACA MLTSSL
architectural draftsperson 312111 VETASSESS STSOL
architectural, building and surveying technicians (nec) 312199 VETASSESS STSOL
art teacher (private tuition) 249211 VETASSESS STSOL
artistic director 212111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
arts administrator or manager 139911 VETASSESS MLTSSL
audiologist 252711 VETASSESS MLTSSL
automotive electrician 321111 TRA MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
baker 351111 TRA STSOL
barrister 271111 a legal admissions authority of a State or Territory MLTSSL
beef cattle farmer 121312 VETASSESS ROL
biochemist 234513 VETASSESS MLTSSL
biomedical engineer 233913 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
biotechnologist 234514 VETASSESS MLTSSL
boat builder and repairer 399111 TRA MLTSSL
book or script editor 212212 VETASSESS STSOL
botanist 234515 VETASSESS MLTSSL
bricklayer 331111 TRA MLTSSL
building and engineering technicians (nec) 312999 (a) VETASSESS; or (b) Engineers Australia ROL
building inspector 312113 VETASSESS STSOL
business machine mechanic 342311 TRA STSOL
butcher or smallgoods maker 351211 TRA STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
cabinetmaker 394111 TRA MLTSSL
cabler (data and telecommunications) 342411 TRA STSOL
cafe or restaurant manager 141111 VETASSESS STSOL
camera operator (film, television or video) 399512 TRA STSOL
caravan park and camping ground manager 141211 VETASSESS ROL
cardiac technician 311212 VETASSESS STSOL
cardiologist 253312 MedBA MLTSSL
cardiothoracic surgeon 253512 MedBA MLTSSL
careers counsellor 272111 VETASSESS STSOL
carpenter 331212 TRA MLTSSL
carpenter and joiner 331211 TRA MLTSSL
cartographer 232213 VETASSESS MLTSSL
chef 351311 TRA MLTSSL
chemical engineer 233111 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
chemist 234211 VETASSESS MLTSSL
chemistry technician 311411 VETASSESS STSOL
child care centre manager 134111 ACECQA MLTSSL
chiropractor 252111 CCEA MLTSSL
cinema or theatre manager 149912 VETASSESS ROL
civil engineer 233211 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
civil engineering draftsperson 312211 (a) Engineers Australia; or (b) VETASSESS MLTSSL
civil engineering technician 312212 VETASSESS MLTSSL
clinical coder 599915 VETASSESS ROL
clinical haematologist 253313 MedBA MLTSSL
clinical psychologist 272311 APS MLTSSL
commodities trader 222111 VETASSESS STSOL
community arts worker 272611 VETASSESS ROL
community worker 411711 ACWA STSOL
company secretary 221211 VETASSESS STSOL
complementary health therapists (nec) 252299 VETASSESS STSOL
computer network and systems engineer 263111 ACS MLTSSL
conference and event organiser 149311 VETASSESS STSOL
conservation officer 234311 VETASSESS ROL
conservator 234911 VETASSESS MLTSSL
construction estimator 312114 VETASSESS ROL
construction project manager 133111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
contract administrator 511111 VETASSESS STSOL
cook 351411 TRA STSOL
copywriter 212411 VETASSESS STSOL
corporate services manager 132111 VETASSESS STSOL
cotton grower 121211 VETASSESS ROL
counsellors (nec) 272199 VETASSESS STSOL
crop farmers (nec) 121299 VETASSESS ROL
customer service manager 149212 VETASSESS STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
dairy cattle farmer 121313 VETASSESS ROL
dance teacher (private tuition) 249212 VETASSESS STSOL
dancer or choreographer 211112 VETASSESS MLTSSL
database administrator 262111 ACS STSOL
deer farmer 121314 VETASSESS ROL
dental hygienist 411211 VETASSESS ROL
dental specialist 252311 ADC STSOL
dental technician 411213 TRA STSOL
dental therapist 411214 VETASSESS ROL
dentist 252312 ADC ROL
dermatologist 253911 MedBA MLTSSL
developer programmer 261312 ACS MLTSSL
diagnostic and interventional radiologist 253917 MedBA MLTSSL
diesel motor mechanic 321212 TRA MLTSSL
dietitian 251111 DAA STSOL
director (film, television, radio or stage) 212312 VETASSESS STSOL
disabilities services officer 411712 ACWA STSOL
diversional therapist 411311 VETASSESS STSOL
diving instructor (open water) 452311 VETASSESS STSOL
dog handler or trainer 361111 VETASSESS STSOL
drainer 334113 TRA MLTSSL
dressmaker or tailor 393213 TRA STSOL
driving instructor 451211 VETASSESS ROL
drug and alcohol counsellor 272112 VETASSESS STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
early childhood (pre‑primary school) teacher 241111 AITSL MLTSSL
earth science technician 311412 VETASSESS STSOL
economist 224311 VETASSESS MLTSSL
education adviser 249111 VETASSESS STSOL
education managers (nec) 134499 VETASSESS STSOL
educational psychologist 272312 APS MLTSSL
electrical engineer 233311 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
electrical engineering draftsperson 312311 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
electrical engineering technician 312312 TRA MLTSSL
electrical linesworker 342211 TRA ROL
electrician (general) 341111 TRA MLTSSL
electrician (special class) 341112 TRA MLTSSL
electronic equipment trades worker 342313 TRA MLTSSL
electronic instrument trades worker (general) 342314 TRA MLTSSL
electronic instrument trades worker (special class) 342315 TRA MLTSSL
electronics engineer 233411 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
emergency medicine specialist 253912 MedBA MLTSSL
emergency service worker 441211 VETASSESS ROL
endocrinologist 253315 MedBA MLTSSL
engineering manager 133211 (a) Engineers Australia; or (b) IML MLTSSL
engineering professionals (nec) 233999 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
engineering technologist 233914 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
enrolled nurse 411411 ANMAC STSOL
environmental consultant 234312 VETASSESS MLTSSL
environmental engineer 233915 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
environmental health officer 251311 VETASSESS ROL
environmental manager 139912 VETASSESS MLTSSL
environmental research scientist 234313 VETASSESS MLTSSL
environmental scientist (nec) 234399 VETASSESS MLTSSL
exercise physiologist 234915 VETASSESS ROL
external auditor 221213 (a) CPAA; or (b) CAANZ; or (c) IPA MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
facilities manager 149913 VETASSESS STSOL
family and marriage counsellor 272113 VETASSESS STSOL
family support worker 411713 ACWA STSOL
farrier 322113 TRA STSOL
fashion designer 232311 VETASSESS STSOL
fibrous plasterer 333211 TRA MLTSSL
film and video editor 212314 VETASSESS STSOL
finance broker 222112 VETASSESS STSOL
finance manager 132211 (a) CPAA; or (b) IPA; or (c) CAANZ STSOL
financial brokers (nec) 222199 VETASSESS STSOL
financial dealers (nec) 222299 VETASSESS STSOL
financial institution branch manager 149914 VETASSESS ROL
financial investment adviser 222311 VETASSESS STSOL
financial investment manager 222312 VETASSESS STSOL
financial market dealer 222211 VETASSESS STSOL
first aid trainer 451815 VETASSESS ROL
fitness centre manager 149112 VETASSESS ROL
fitter (general) 323211 TRA MLTSSL
fitter and turner 323212 TRA MLTSSL
fitter‑welder 323213 TRA MLTSSL
flight attendant 451711 VETASSESS ROL
floor finisher 332111 TRA ROL
florist 362111 TRA STSOL
flower grower 121212 VETASSESS STSOL
flying instructor 231113 VETASSESS ROL
food technologist 234212 VETASSESS MLTSSL
footballer 452411 VETASSESS MLTSSL
forester 234113 VETASSESS MLTSSL
fruit or nut grower 121213 VETASSESS ROL
funeral workers (nec) 451399 VETASSESS ROL
furniture finisher 394211 TRA STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
gallery or museum curator 224212 VETASSESS STSOL
gardener (general) 362211 TRA STSOL
gas or petroleum operator 399212 TRA ROL
gasfitter 334114 TRA MLTSSL
gastroenterologist 253316 MedBA MLTSSL
general practitioner 253111 MedBA MLTSSL
geologist 234411 VETASSESS STSOL
geophysicist 234412 VETASSESS MLTSSL
geotechnical engineer 233212 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
glazier 333111 TRA MLTSSL
goat farmer 121315 VETASSESS ROL
grain, oilseed or pasture grower (Aus)/field crop grower (NZ) 121214 VETASSESS ROL
grape grower 121215 VETASSESS STSOL
graphic designer 232411 VETASSESS STSOL
greenkeeper 362311 TRA STSOL
gymnastics coach or instructor 452312 VETASSESS STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
hairdresser 391111 TRA STSOL
hardware technician 313111 TRA STSOL
health and welfare services managers (nec) 134299 VETASSESS STSOL
health diagnostic and promotion professionals (nec) 251999 VETASSESS STSOL
health information manager 224213 VETASSESS STSOL
health promotion officer 251911 VETASSESS STSOL
helicopter pilot 231114 CASA ROL
horse breeder 121316 VETASSESS ROL
horse riding coach or instructor 452313 VETASSESS STSOL
horse trainer 361112 TRA MLTSSL
hospital pharmacist 251511 APharmC STSOL
hotel or motel manager 141311 VETASSESS STSOL
human resource adviser 223111 VETASSESS ROL
human resource manager 132311 IML STSOL
hydrogeologist 234413 VETASSESS MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
ICT account manager 225211 VETASSESS STSOL
ICT business analyst 261111 ACS MLTSSL
ICT business development manager 225212 VETASSESS STSOL
ICT customer support officer 313112 TRA STSOL
ICT managers (nec) 135199 ACS STSOL
ICT project manager 135112 ACS STSOL
ICT quality assurance engineer 263211 ACS STSOL
ICT sales representative 225213 VETASSESS STSOL
ICT security specialist 262112 ACS MLTSSL
ICT support and test engineers (nec) 263299 ACS STSOL
ICT support engineer 263212 ACS STSOL
ICT support technicians (nec) 313199 TRA STSOL
ICT systems test engineer 263213 ACS STSOL
ICT trainer 223211 ACS STSOL
illustrator 232412 VETASSESS STSOL
industrial designer 232312 VETASSESS STSOL
industrial engineer 233511 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
industrial pharmacist 251512 VETASSESS STSOL
information and organisation professionals (nec) 224999 the assessing authority for the occupation under subsection (2) STSOL
insurance agent 611211 VETASSESS STSOL
insurance broker 222113 VETASSESS STSOL
insurance loss adjuster 599612 VETASSESS STSOL
intellectual property lawyer 271214 VETASSESS ROL
intensive care ambulance paramedic 411112 VETASSESS STSOL
intensive care specialist 253317 MedBA MLTSSL
interior designer 232511 VETASSESS STSOL
internal auditor 221214 VETASSESS MLTSSL
interpreter 272412 NAATI STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
jeweller 399411 TRA STSOL
jewellery designer 232313 VETASSESS STSOL
jockey 452413 TRA ROL
joiner 331213 TRA MLTSSL
journalists and other writers (nec) 212499 VETASSESS STSOL
judicial and other legal professionals (nec) 271299 VETASSESS STSOL

No Occupations Commencing with the letter K at this time

Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
laboratory manager 139913 VETASSESS STSOL
land economist 224511 VETASSESS MLTSSL
landscape architect 232112 VETASSESS MLTSSL
landscape gardener 362213 TRA STSOL
liaison officer 224912 VETASSESS ROL
librarian 224611 VETASSESS STSOL
life science technician 311413 VETASSESS STSOL
life scientist (general) 234511 VETASSESS MLTSSL
life scientists (nec) 234599 VETASSESS MLTSSL
lift mechanic 341113 TRA MLTSSL
livestock farmers (nec) 121399 VETASSESS ROL
locksmith 323313 TRA MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
maintenance planner 312911 VETASSESS ROL
make up artist 399514 TRA STSOL
management accountant 221112 (a) CPAA; or (b) CAANZ; or (c) IPA MLTSSL
management consultant 224711 VETASSESS MLTSSL
manufacturer 133411 VETASSESS STSOL
marine biologist 234516 VETASSESS MLTSSL
market research analyst 225112 VETASSESS ROL
marketing specialist 225113 VETASSESS STSOL
massage therapist 411611 VETASSESS STSOL
materials engineer 233112 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
mathematician 224112 VETASSESS STSOL
meat inspector 311312 VETASSESS STSOL
mechanical engineer 233512 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
mechanical engineering draftsperson 312511 Engineers Australia ROL
mechanical engineering technician 312512 TRA STSOL
medical administrator 134211 VETASSESS ROL
medical diagnostic radiographer 251211 ASMIRT MLTSSL
medical laboratory scientist 234611 AIMS MLTSSL
medical laboratory technician 311213 AIMS STSOL
medical oncologist 253314 MedBA MLTSSL
medical practitioners (nec) 253999 MedBA MLTSSL
medical radiation therapist 251212 ASMIRT MLTSSL
medical technicians (nec) 311299 VETASSESS STSOL
metal fabricator 322311 TRA MLTSSL
metal fitters and machinists (nec) 323299 TRA STSOL
metal machinist (first class) 323214 TRA MLTSSL
metallurgical or materials technician 312912 VETASSESS STSOL
metallurgist 234912 VETASSESS MLTSSL
meteorologist 234913 VETASSESS MLTSSL
microbiologist 234517 VETASSESS MLTSSL
middle school teacher (Aus) / intermediate school teacher (NZ) 241311 AITSL STSOL
midwife 254111 ANMAC MLTSSL
mine deputy 312913 VETASSESS STSOL
mining engineer (excluding petroleum) 233611 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
mixed crop and livestock farmer 121411 VETASSESS ROL
mixed crop farmer 121216 VETASSESS ROL
mixed livestock farmer 121317 VETASSESS ROL
motor mechanic (general) 321211 TRA MLTSSL
motorcycle mechanic 321213 TRA MLTSSL
multimedia designer 232413 VETASSESS ROL
multimedia specialist 261211 ACS MLTSSL
music director 211212 VETASSESS MLTSSL
music professionals (nec) 211299 VETASSESS STSOL
music teacher (private tuition) 249214 VETASSESS STSOL
musician (instrumental) 211213 VETASSESS MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
natural and physical science professionals (nec) 234999 VETASSESS MLTSSL
naturopath 252213 VETASSESS STSOL
naval architect 233916 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
network administrator 263112 ACS STSOL
network analyst 263113 ACS STSOL
neurologist 253318 MedBA MLTSSL
neurosurgeon 253513 MedBA MLTSSL
newspaper or periodical editor 212412 VETASSESS STSOL
nuclear medicine technologist 251213 ANZSNM MLTSSL
nurse educator 254211 ANMAC STSOL
nurse manager 254311 ANMAC STSOL
nurse practitioner 254411 ANMAC MLTSSL
nurse researcher 254212 ANMAC STSOL
nurseryperson 362411 TRA ROL
nursing clinical director 134212 ANMAC MLTSSL
nutritionist 251112 VETASSESS STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
obstetrician and gynaecologist 253913 MedBA MLTSSL
occupational health and safety adviser 251312 VETASSESS STSOL
occupational therapist 252411 OTC MLTSSL
operating theatre technician 311214 VETASSESS ROL
ophthalmologist 253914 MedBA MLTSSL
optometrist 251411 OCANZ MLTSSL
organisation and methods analyst 224712 VETASSESS STSOL
organisational psychologist 272313 APS MLTSSL
orthopaedic surgeon 253514 MedBA MLTSSL
orthoptist 251412 VETASSESS STSOL
orthotist or prosthetist 251912 AOPA MLTSSL
osteopath 252112 AOAC MLTSSL
other spatial scientist 232214 VETASSESS MLTSSL
other sports coach or instructor 452317 VETASSESS STSOL
otorhinolaryngologist 253515 MedBA MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
paediatric surgeon 253516 MedBA MLTSSL
paediatrician 253321 MedBA MLTSSL
painting trades worker 332211 TRA MLTSSL
panelbeater 324111 TRA MLTSSL
pastrycook 351112 TRA STSOL
patents examiner 224914 VETASSESS STSOL
pathologist 253915 MedBA MLTSSL
pathology collector 311216 AIMS ROL
performing arts technicians (nec) 399599 VETASSESS STSOL
petroleum engineer 233612 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
pharmacy technician 311215 VETASSESS STSOL
photographer 211311 VETASSESS STSOL
physicist 234914 the assessing authority for the occupation under subsection (2) MLTSSL
physiotherapist 252511 APC MLTSSL
pig farmer 121318 VETASSESS ROL
plastic and reconstructive surgeon 253517 MedBA MLTSSL
plumber (general) 334111 TRA MLTSSL
podiatrist 252611 PodBA MLTSSL
policy analyst 224412 VETASSESS ROL
policy and planning manager 132411 VETASSESS ROL
post office manager 142115 VETASSESS ROL
poultry farmer 121321 VETASSESS STSOL
power generation plant operator 399213 TRA STSOL
precision instrument maker and repairer 323314 TRA STSOL
pressure welder 322312 TRA MLTSSL
primary health organisation manager 134213 VETASSESS MLTSSL
primary products inspectors (nec) 311399 VETASSESS STSOL
primary school teacher 241213 AITSL STSOL
print finisher 392111 TRA STSOL
print journalist 212413 VETASSESS STSOL
printing machinist 392311 TRA STSOL
private tutors and teachers (nec) 249299 VETASSESS STSOL
procurement manager 133612 IML ROL
production manager (forestry) 133511 VETASSESS STSOL
production manager (manufacturing) 133512 VETASSESS STSOL
production manager (mining) 133513 VETASSESS STSOL
production or plant engineer 233513 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
program director (television or radio) 212315 VETASSESS STSOL
program or project administrator 511112 VETASSESS STSOL
project builder 133112 VETASSESS ROL
property manager 612112 VETASSESS ROL
psychiatrist 253411 MedBA MLTSSL
psychologists (nec) 272399 APS MLTSSL
psychotherapist 272314 VETASSESS STSOL
public relations manager 131114 IML ROL
public relations professional 225311 VETASSESS STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
quality assurance manager 139914 VETASSESS STSOL
quantity surveyor 233213 AIQS MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
radiation oncologist 253918 MedBA MLTSSL
radio communications technician 313211 TRA MLTSSL
real estate representative 612115 VETASSESS ROL
records manager 224214 VETASSESS STSOL
recreation officer 272612 VETASSESS STSOL
recruitment consultant 223112 VETASSESS STSOL
regional education manager 134412 VETASSESS ROL
registered nurse (aged care) 254412 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (child and family health) 254413 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (community health) 254414 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (critical care and emergency) 254415 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (developmental disability) 254416 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation) 254417 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (medical practice) 254421 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (medical) 254418 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (mental health) 254422 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (paediatrics) 254425 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (perioperative) 254423 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurse (surgical) 254424 ANMAC MLTSSL
registered nurses (nec) 254499 ANMAC MLTSSL
rehabilitation counsellor 272114 VETASSESS STSOL
renal medicine specialist 253322 MedBA MLTSSL
research and development manager 132511 VETASSESS STSOL
resident medical officer 253112 MedBA STSOL
residential care officer 411715 ACWA STSOL
retail buyer 639211 VETASSESS STSOL
retail pharmacist 251513 APharmC STSOL
rheumatologist 253323 MedBA MLTSSL
roof plumber 334115 TRA MLTSSL
roof tiler 333311 TRA STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
safety inspector 312611 VETASSESS ROL
sales and marketing manager 131112 IML STSOL
school principal 134311 VETASSESS STSOL
science technicians (nec) 311499 VETASSESS STSOL
secondary school teacher 241411 AITSL MLTSSL
sheep farmer 121322 VETASSESS ROL
sheetmetal trades worker 322211 TRA MLTSSL
ship’s master 231213 AMSA ROL
shipwright 399112 TRA MLTSSL
signwriter 399611 TRA STSOL
small engine mechanic 321214 TRA MLTSSL
snowsport instructor 452314 VETASSESS STSOL
social professionals (nec) 272499 VETASSESS STSOL
social worker 272511 AASW MLTSSL
software and applications programmers (nec) 261399 ACS MLTSSL
software engineer 261313 ACS MLTSSL
software tester 261314 ACS STSOL
solicitor 271311 a legal admissions authority of a State or Territory MLTSSL
solid plasterer 333212 TRA MLTSSL
sonographer 251214 ASMIRT MLTSSL
sound technician 399516 TRA STSOL
special education teachers (nec) 241599 AITSL MLTSSL
special needs teacher 241511 AITSL MLTSSL
specialist managers (nec) except: (a) ambassador; or (b) archbishop; or (c) bishop 139999 VETASSESS STSOL
specialist physician (general medicine) 253311 MedBA MLTSSL
specialist physicians (nec) 253399 MedBA MLTSSL
speech pathologist 252712 SPA MLTSSL
sports administrator 139915 VETASSESS ROL
sports centre manager 149113 VETASSESS ROL
sports development officer 452321 VETASSESS STSOL
sportspersons (nec) 452499 VETASSESS STSOL
stage manager 212316 VETASSESS STSOL
statistician 224113 VETASSESS MLTSSL
stockbroking dealer 222213 VETASSESS STSOL
stonemason 331112 TRA MLTSSL
structural engineer 233214 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
student counsellor 272115 VETASSESS STSOL
sugar cane grower 121217 VETASSESS ROL
supply and distribution manager 133611 IML STSOL
surgeon (general) 253511 MedBA MLTSSL
surveying or spatial science technician 312116 VETASSESS ROL
surveyor 232212 SSSI MLTSSL
swimming coach or instructor 452315 VETASSESS STSOL
systems administrator 262113 ACS STSOL
systems analyst 261112 ACS MLTSSL
taxation accountant 221113 (a) CPAA; or (b) CAANZ; or (c) IPA MLTSSL
teacher of English to speakers of other languages 249311 VETASSESS STSOL
teacher of the hearing impaired 241512 AITSL MLTSSL
teacher of the sight impaired 241513 AITSL MLTSSL
technical cable jointer 342212 TRA MLTSSL
technical director 212317 VETASSESS STSOL
technical sales representatives (nec) including education sales representatives 225499 VETASSESS STSOL
technical writer 212415 VETASSESS STSOL
telecommunications engineer 263311 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
telecommunications field engineer 313212 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
telecommunications linesworker 342413 TRA STSOL
telecommunications network engineer 263312 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
telecommunications network planner 313213 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
telecommunications technical officer or technologist 313214 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
television journalist 212416 VETASSESS STSOL
tennis coach 452316 VETASSESS MLTSSL
thoracic medicine specialist 253324 MedBA MLTSSL
toolmaker 323412 TRA STSOL
traditional Chinese medicine practitioner 252214 Chinese Medicine Board of Australia STSOL
translator 272413 NAATI ROL
transport company manager 149413 VETASSESS STSOL
transport engineer 233215 Engineers Australia MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
university lecturer 242111 VETASSESS MLTSSL
upholsterer 393311 TRA STSOL
urban and regional planner 232611 VETASSESS STSOL
urologist 253518 MedBA MLTSSL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
valuer 224512 VETASSESS MLTSSL
vascular surgeon 253521 MedBA MLTSSL
vegetable grower (Aus)/market gardener (NZ) 121221 VETASSESS STSOL
vehicle body builder 324211 TRA STSOL
vehicle painter 324311 TRA ROL
vehicle trimmer 324212 TRA STSOL
veterinarian 234711 AVBC MLTSSL
veterinary nurse 361311 VETASSESS STSOL
video producer 212318 VETASSESS STSOL
vocational education teacher 242211 See subsection (2) ROL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
wall and floor tiler 333411 TRA MLTSSL
web administrator 313113 ACS STSOL
web designer 232414 VETASSESS STSOL
web developer 261212 ACS STSOL
welder (first class) 322313 TRA MLTSSL
welfare centre manager 134214 ACWA MLTSSL
welfare worker 272613 ACWA STSOL
wine maker 234213 VETASSESS ROL
wood machinist 394213 TRA STSOL
wood machinists and other wood trades workers (nec) 394299 TRA STSOL
workplace relations adviser 223113 VETASSESS ROL

No Occupations commencing with X at this time

Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
youth worker 411716 ACWA STSOL
Occupation ANZSCO code Assessing authority List
zookeeper 361114 VETASSESS ROL
zoologist 234518 VETASSESS MLTSSL

As we wrap up our exploration of the 2024 Australia Occupations List, it’s clear that Australia continues to offer a wealth of opportunities for skilled professionals from around the globe. Whether you’re in healthcare, IT, construction, or any other field, there’s a path for you to embark on an exciting career journey in this diverse and vibrant country.

Did you find your occupation on the list?

We’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment below sharing what your profession is and where in Australia you dream of working. Is it the bustling streets of Sydney, the cultural hubs of Melbourne, or perhaps the scenic landscapes of Tasmania? Let’s get the conversation started and navigate the possibilities together. Your next great adventure could be just a comment away!


  1. Nicholas Koae

    Interested in immigrating over ti Australia, but not sure how to go about but I will do my research.

    1. 482jobs

      We encourage you to check out our other guides here Nicholas – We have lots of information to help you with your research

      1. Bright Ndomupei Chacha

        I am an electrical linesworker 342211.i would like sponsorship to migrate to Australia Sydney or Melbourne

      2. Atmane

        Je cherche de travail en Australie

      3. Fundisiwe Molefe

        fitter (general) 323211 TRA MLTSSL.

        I am a qualified fitter and interested in migrating to AU. I have been trying since last year and no luck. Contact me as soon as possible if you are able to help me get sponsored job.

      4. Saifullah

        I am a qualified teacher having five years experience .l would like to migrate AU.

  2. Soroor Abeiat

    Hello dear
    I am an agricultural scientist and immigration to Australia is my hobby. It doesn’t matter which city.

    1. Koke

      Electrician interested

      1. Martin Andrew Curameng

        I am interested in gardener job. Can you tell me more about it. I am looking forward for talking about the position.

  3. Pilari Handape

    I need you help to get my job opportunities in Australia please could you help me.thanks

    1. 482jobs

      Best to search our current listings via our homepage Pilari

  4. Emily Beer

    Would love to find a role as a recruitment consultant in Western Australia. Looking to move asap!

  5. Tongai Muzambi

    I am a highly competent and hardworking Data Scientist who is seeking for new and challenging position that will provide opportunities for my career growth and development in the profession have always dreamed to showcase my programming skills in Melbourne and play a pivotal role in the data science and analytics department.

  6. Tongai Muzambi

    I am a highly competent and hardworking Data Scientist who is seeking for new and challenging position that will provide opportunities for my career growth and development in the profession have always dreamed to showcase my programming skills in Melbourne and play a pivotal role in the data science and analytics team.

  7. Elesi jirau

    Looking for job as a caregiver

  8. Justine Ngorima

    I am a civil engineer and would like help with qualifications assessment for visa sponsorship

  9. Abraham Zottor

    I’m a general electrician looking forward to gain a job opportunity from Western Australia to improve upon the growth and development of the country at large and help solve electrical concerns problems.

  10. Asfaw Habte

    Hello Dear Sr./Madame here I forwarded my CV and documents.

    I hope you’re doing well! I’m interested in the role you posted: To learn and educated in Civil Engineering. Based on my experience as Project Coordinator Engineer at Tesfaye Mersha Building Contractor, I believe I could be a good fit.

    Are you open to a quick chat to discuss the position? I’d love to learn more about it, and share more about my own qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    Asfaw Habte

  11. Theophilus

    Kindly guide me through with Wood Machinist process

  12. Moses Kangulu

    I am excavator operator 6 years working experience in mining and construction companies.

  13. Shaun

    I’m a mining engineering and I would love to work in Australia

  14. Eunice kumwenda

    I am a community worker 411711 and I would like a sponsorship to migrate to Australia.And I have 2 years experience on community works.

  15. Sachin kumar

    I want a job in Australia as a food packing.

  16. Bright Mambwe

    I am a Mehanical Fitter 323211 with 21 years of experience in the mining industry willing to migrate to any part of Australia where my experience can be a good fit.

  17. Regina

    I am a holder of degree in Agriculture and l am interested in a job vacant as Agricultural consultant or Agricultural technician ,willing to migrate to any part of Australia

  18. Regina

    I am a degree holder of Agriculture and l am interested on the job vacancies of Agricultural technician and Agricultural technician.l am a hard working lady with five years experience as Agriculture technician ,with good communication skills ,l can work under pressure with no supervision

  19. Ulises

    Hello community.
    I have been in Australia, Sydney the last year for 6 months, and I loved everything, more the foreign who fill the street with their experiences and looks.

    I do really appreciate if I may able to stay in Australia and be one of those who I describe.

    I past my time learning an variety of works and getting experiences working on that . Examples

    hospitality 141999
    Electricians 341111
    Landscape garden 362213
    Telecommunications line workers 342413
    System administration 262113
    Hardware and software home Computers .

    I would love if I can get more information in how to share my experiences and live in Australia.

  20. Isheunopa Mubhoyi

    I’m a class one electrician willing to relocate and work in Australia

  21. Menaka Balamanage

    I’m currently working in dubai also prefer to migrate to Australia as a skilled migrant. My profession is motor mechanic. I’m waiting an opportunity

  22. Nicholas Tembo

    Am an Auto Mechanics/Heavy Equipment Repair looking for Employment.
    Kindly advise me on how i can Apply on my Position.

    Thanking you in advance

    Nicholas Tembo

  23. Tinomutenda Maphosa

    I’m an electrical Engineering Technician 312312 with 9 years working experience in heavy duty mining industry, Chrome Smelting Plants and Green energy industry.I am a holder of Diploma in electrical power engineering at a recognized Polytechnic College in Zimbabwe.
    I’m willing to migrate to Australia with my family and work anywhere in Australia.

    Kindly advise me on how I can apply for my position and get a sponsorship.

    Your response will be highly appreciated

    Kind regards

    Tinomutenda Maphosa

  24. khaled

    Firstly, I do really appreciate if I may able to relocate and work in Australia. I am a holder of B/A and human sciences, English language section and earlier General Secondary Certificate with various work expertise for more than 20 years. I am Passionate, enthusiast, and bilingual English/Arabic speaker, My recent and past expertise as follow : Pharmacy sales assistant 311215, Medical interpreter receptionist, Medical reports officer, translator 134211, class room teacher and teacher of English of other language 249311. Some of my skills and Abilities : Excellent customer care,administrative and organisational skills, team working, Ability to make decisions in changing environment, good IT skills, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and strong background of medical terminology. I am ready to work in any similar positions you mentioned above such as , community worker 411711,recreation officer 272612, welfare worker
    272613, conservation officer 234311, flight attendant 451711,sports administrator, youth worker 411716 and grape grower 121215 as I love grapes. I am looking forward hearing from your kind office. Thanks in advance for your efforts, khaled Hussein

  25. Soor atheekur rahuman

    Hi sir i am from sri lanka my name soor atheekur rahuman my age 24 my whatsapp no +94 0752300368

  26. Joy

    I’m working as a chef in the uk, I would like to know how to migrate to Australia as a chef

  27. Matildah

    I hold a bachelor of Science in Agroforestry and interested in the agriculture technician position. With over 10 years work experience, I would successfully accomplish the duties assigned.
    Ready and willing to work in any part of Australia.

  28. Samuel Sibanda

    Anaesthetist 253211 ROL . Interested in the whole of Australia

  29. Daniel Richards

    Hello I’m a qualified painter and decorator. 3322111 interested in the whole of Australia.


  30. Martin Andrew Curameng

    I am interested in gardener job. Can you tell me more about it. I am looking forward on talking about the position. I am a bachelor degree holder in agriculture. With experience in crop production and crop protection. And currently working as a Nursery Technician.

  31. Martin Andrew Curameng

    I am interested in gardener position. I am looking forward in talking about the position. I am a degree holder in agriculture, training certificate in horticulture. And have a experience in crop production and crop protection. And currently working as a Nursery Technician.

  32. Patrick sinkala

    I am an Auto electrician specialized in Caterpillar Equipment

  33. Madina Salifu

    Interested in whole Australia. Am mechanical engineer

  34. Wilmar Tañamor

    I am a mechanical engineer from the Philippines with an experience in refrigeration design. I am interested to apply for any possible opportunities that is align to my experience and willing to migrate. I am also open to change my roles or industry.

    I would like to apply for this particular role: mechanical engineer 233512 (Engineers Australia MLTSSL)

  35. Edwin Taona

    I’m boilermaker class 1 ,coded iso 9606 of 2011 seeking opportunities to work in an part of Australia 15years of experience.

  36. Neela

    I’m intered and suitable with these jobs. Am I get sponsorship ya?
    Any states should good and I will perform the task accordingly.
    FYI – I’ m a bachelor degree holder and currently working one of the top 5 bank in Malaysia as Assistant manager under Software development department.

    I’m willing to migrate to Australia and work anywhere in Australia.

    Please advise me on how I can apply for my position and get a sponsorship.

    Your response will be highly appreciated

    1. software and applications programmers (nec) – 261399
    2. software engineer – 261313
    3. software tester – 261314

    Thank you

  37. Edwin Katsamudanga

    I am a cabinet maker and with vast experience. I am interested in relocating and work in your country. I

  38. Avini Nuwarapaksha

    I’m midwifery qualified registered nurse in Sri Lanka and I would like to work in Australia. But my age is 46+

  39. alberto da costa Flores

    Hi All,
    I Am interesting on supply and distribution manager 133611 IML STSOL.
    I am flexible to work anywhere in Australia.
    I been to Australia few times.
    I been working in Darwin Airport for 3 months.
    I have Australian Tax file Number.
    Thank you. and looking forward to hearing from you.

  40. Innocent lombanya

    Electrician, I would love to work from Sydney.

  41. Ruchira Telavane

    Hi good day, my name is Ruchira from India and my occupation is industrial pharmacist with ANZ Code:251512.
    I m interested to migrate to Australia.

  42. Vivek Joshi

    I am looking for advertising marketing manager jobs in Australia. I fo have experience in space selling for advertising media industry. How can I apply or get the job in Australia

  43. Yasir

    Supply and Distribution Manager – 133611 – IML – STSOL

  44. Mae Vali

    Im an Engineering and hydrographic surveyor from Papua New Guinea and would like to migrate or get a working Visa to work as a surveyor in Australia

  45. Lawrence Vhareta

    I hold a National Diploma in Mining Engineering kindly assist

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